Yorkshire Terrier: Everything You Need to Know

Puppy Buddy

What the Yorkshire Terrier lacks in size, they make up in personality and looks. This breed, affectionately called “Yorkie” by millions of dog owners, is a spunky, lovable little fur-baby. One of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, the Yorkie has many redeeming qualities that often intrigue dog lovers. Along with their confident, lively personality, Yorkies are also incredibly good-looking pooches. Many Yorkies sport elegant looks that capture the attention of anyone who happens to glance at them.  

This breed’s loving traits expand beyond their personality and beautiful appearance. Yorkies are devoted little terriers; they won’t hesitate to offer you love and attention—if you give it back. If you’re able to offer companionship, attention, love, and care to a Yorkie puppy, you’ll always have a lovable, feisty furry buddy who’ll be by your side wherever you go.

Here are a few things to know about this feisty yet lovable breed!



Yorkshire Terriers are quite small in size, usually growing up to 8 to 9 inches tall. They can weigh up to 7 pounds, though many Yorkies weigh as low as 4 pounds. 



The Yorkshire Terrier is toy-sized but sturdy with a long, silky coat that’s generally deep black and tan. Although their small size and elegant looks make them appear delicate, don’t be fooled. Sprightly, bold, courageous, and even tomboyish, Yorkies have a big-dog mentality that they pack into their adorable size. Their fearlessness and bossy attitude make them a favorite for countless owners. Yorkies are long-lived, and their life expectancy ranges from 11 to 15 years (if not more). This breed is also known for having a hypoallergenic coat due to its silky, human hair-like fur. While Yorkies will likely never be able to take down an intruder, they do make excellent little watchdogs. These dogs are very protective over their loved ones so strangers and intruders are faced with their ferocious bark. Yorkies are packed with tons of personality and offer you years of friendship, fun moments, and affection. 



Self-confident and highly intelligent, the Yorkie is the perfect mix of small size and spirited terrier personality. Of course, depending on their upbringing, a Yorkie’s temperament can range in a variety of ways. Some Yorkies are very affectionate, preferring to cuddle and follow their owner like a shadow all day long. Other Yorkies are independent, mischievous, and stubborn. These little rascals will try to boss you around so it’s important to set boundaries with them early on. Training and socialization are huge must-haves with this breed so that they can become well-mannered dogs. Avoid spoiling your Yorkie too much or they may start testing your patience. 


Exercise Level

Even small dogs like Yorkies need some exercise to stay fit! Due to their adorable size, Yorkies are typically seen as lapdogs and are treated as such. However, this breed benefits from moderate exercise like daily walks and fetching after balls. We recommend taking your Yorkie for a short walk at least twice a day. Yorkies love experiencing the outside world while burning off their energy so walks are a perfect form of exercise. These dogs are also talented at dog sports like obedience competitions or agility. Yorkies also enjoy mental exercises like puzzle games, scavenger hunts, and Kong toys. Make sure you indulge your Yorkie in physical exercise while challenging them mentally as well. 



The Yorkshire Terrier’s coat shares similarities with human hair, especially when kept long. Their coat can be styled in numerous ways, leading to creative and adorable hairstyles that keep your Yorkie beautiful. Their fur must be brushed daily to keep it from matting or tangling. Yorkies are prone to eye irritation due to moisture buildup and hair. Make sure to clean their eyes regularly. Tie their hair in a cute little knot or trim their coat to prevent it from getting into their eyes. Yorkies also need a bath every week, especially if their coat is long. A weekly bath helps keep your Yorkie’s coat shiny and clean. Yorkies are also more likely to have ear infections, so check the ears weekly for any dirt or signs of infection.



Yorkies are a bit bossy but they love their owners so much. This devotion is what allows them to be eager to please and trainable. However, Yorkies do possess a stubborn streak so you’ll have to work a little harder to train them. The best training method you can use is positive reinforcement. Yorkies are self-confident little creatures and they thrive off of compliments. Use praises and treats whenever your Yorkie follows a command or shows good behavior. Avoid using negative reinforcement like yelling or scolding as this can force your Yorkie to resent you. Also, it’s highly recommended to start socializing your Yorkie from a young age. Socialize your Yorkie with all types of situations, people, and other pets as slowly as possible. You should never overwhelm your Yorkie during the socialization process. All situations and environments should be positive and easy to control. 


Other Things to Consider

Saying Yorkies are bold can be an understatement. Many Yorkies are pleasant to be around, but they have a stubborn side that can be frustrating for many dog owners. Training needs to be firm and consistent so that your Yorkie doesn’t try to push your buttons. At PuppyBuddy, we recommend crate training to help your Yorkie adjust to their new environment. Also, despite their small size, most Yorkies think they are big dogs and will try to pick fights with large dogs. Training and socialization will help here but it’s also important to learn how to keep your Yorkie under control. Avoid leaving any young children unattended with your Yorkie. Yorkies are small, delicate, and excitable, which may make them vulnerable while playing with children. These dogs need attention and love from their owners so don’t forget to set aside some time with your Yorkie. This breed is adaptable to small living conditions like apartments and condominiums. However, they are not suited for a couch potato lifestyle. Yorkies are active dogs and need regular exercise to be happy. Short walks work great but you should also indulge your Yorkie in playtime. 


As with any breed, if you think the Yorkshire Terrier is right for you, be sure to do plenty of research before bringing one home. At PuppyBuddy, our staff and team help you determine whether a specific breed is the one for you. Be sure to give us a visit to find your furry soulmate today!