Where Do Our Puppies Come From?

Mira Gibson

Knowing where a puppy comes from before buying the little guy is the first step towards putting puppy mills out of business. When soon-to-be puppy parents ask questions and research the dog breeders that a particular pet store or private seller works with, then they will be able to discover for themselves whether or not a puppy retailer is ethical. 

While we have other blog articles about how to research pet stores and dog breeders to find out if they are part of the puppy mill problem, this blog post is going to focus on educating you about where PuppyBuddy’s puppies come from. 


As a pet retailer, PuppyBuddy is certainly a business. But we didn’t get into business for the typical reasons you might expect. We love and care about dogs, and we regard puppies as more than merchandise. We wanted to provide dog lovers with healthy, happy puppies, and so we opened PuppyBuddy with the commitment to only working with dog breeders who meet our high standards of animal care. 

How a puppy is treated and the conditions that a puppy is raised in directly impacts the puppy’s health and behavior for the rest of his life. When a puppy is born into poor living conditions without all of the natural elements that animals require, then the puppy will become sick, emotionally unwell, and will struggle throughout his life. 

From the onset, PuppyBuddy identified what puppies need in order to live long, healthy, happy lives. These needs can only be supported when a dog breeder provides the highest standards of care in the areas of the dogs’ environment, diet and nutrition, sunshine and fresh air, exercise and play, and socializing with other dogs, puppies, and people. Most important on this list is allowing the mother dog to nurse her litter in peace. 

Once we determined our standards, we sought out the dog breeders who would be capable of meeting our high-quality demands. The result was that we began working with ethical dog breeders with state-of-the-art kennels that are homey and comfortable for their dogs. These breeders have on-site and on-call veterinarians who routinely tend to the parent dogs and their litters. And the breeders we work with are also committed to providing their puppies with stimulating socialization, outdoor play time and exploration, and meeting and greeting visitors. 

By providing puppies with the most natural and loving environment during their most formative weeks, these puppies will be happier, easier to train, and live longer, healthier lives. 

The Value of a PuppyBuddy Puppy

PuppyBuddy works exclusively with USDA licensed breeders, but holding a license with the USDA isn’t the only requirement that we expect our breeders to maintain. 

Our breeders must also provide their parent dogs and puppy litters with the following high-standard facility criteria for ethical animal treatment: 

  • Providing breeding dogs and litters with indoor space requirements

  • Outdoor space requirements

  • Veterinarian health care and check ups

  • Socialization with visitors and plenty of daily exercise

  • Temperature-controlled interior HVAC systems

  • Nutritious food and fresh water

  • Appropriate bathing and grooming frequency

  • Necessarily vaccinations administered on an appropriate timeline by on-site consulting veterinarians

  • And that’s only the beginning!  

The PuppyBuddy Promise:

  • Our puppies come from the Top 1% of U.S.D.A. approved breeders with no direct violations.

  • We provide lifetime vet exams with store-selected veterinarians.

  • Health certificate showing up-to-date vaccinations and deworming treatments.

  • 14-day health warranty

  • 50% off spay/neuter at store-selected veterinarians.

  • 10% off all medical services at store-selected veterinarians

  • Exclusive ten year health warranty on all of our puppies

  • Our puppies are part of the Puppy for a Lifetime program. This means we will provide you with a puppy for the rest of your life! Ask a Pet Advisor for more details.

  • We have a veterinarian in our store twice a week.

  • Each puppy goes home with a 30-day supply of vitamins, a bottle of Longevity–Drops supplement, joint mobility supplement and skin and coat supplement.

  • Pet stores like ours are the safest place to buy a puppy. We comply with all local, state, and federal regulations. Additionally, we have set standards for our stores that go above and beyond government and industry standards.

  • We’re also the best in the business when it comes to providing a great, healthy environment for our pets before they go home. Petland uses spacious kennels maintained according to standards set by licensed professional veterinarians.

  • A veterinarian examines every puppy before it goes home, and a potential customer is able to see the puppy’s health records before every purchase.


As a policy, PuppyBuddy upholds the highest standards of care, and we train our trained animal care technicians and pet counselors to ensure that our puppies stay happy and healthy while they’re in our pet store. 

We guarantee:

  • Trained animal care technicians monitor the weight, temperature, and feeding habits of each puppy every day. Any inconsistencies are noted and reported to the store veterinarian.

  • PuppyBuddy puppies are dewormed and vaccinated, too.

  • Our pet counselors educate the customer on the importance of spay / neuter procedures and often provide discounts and / or incentives to the customer.

Now that you know where our puppies come from, are you ready to take home a PuppyBuddy puppy? We invite you to come to our Boca Raton location in Florida and meet your furry soulmate!