The Best Christmas Presents For Your Puppy In 2021

Puppy Buddy

The holiday season is finally upon us and it’s time to start hunting for the best Christmas gifts. As you’re busy checking off your Christmas gift list, don’t forget about your four-legged friend! Your puppy has been there for you thick and thin, and they deserve a gift (or two) in their stocking this Christmas.

Finding the right gift for your cuddly puppy is a bit challenging—there are just so many options! From toys to treats, there are plenty of wonderful gifts you could spoil your puppy with. Luckily, we created a full list of amazing gifts to make your shopping experience less stressful this year. 

Whether you opt for delicious treats or puzzle toys, we’re sure your furry friend will have the best Christmas ever!

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Kong toys

Tug-of-war toys





Gingerbread cookies


Potty training spray

Potty training pads

Leash and collar


A cute white Siberian Husky playing with a toy in a doggy bed.

Don’t hold back with spoiling your puppy this Christmas season. If you want to see their tails wag and eyes light up, a toy is a good place to start! 

Toys come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your puppy’s age and stage of development, you can purchase toys that help them with teething or keep them company for a few hours. 

Here are 3 great toys you can get your puppy this Christmas. We promise they’ll appreciate any toy you give them!

Kong toys

A cute Dachshund puppy playing with a Kong toy on a bed.

Kong toys aren’t the type of toy you throw for your puppy to fetch. Instead, this toy tests your fur-baby’s brainpower and keeps them mentally occupied for a couple of hours. 

Kong toys also help to chew puppies alleviate teething pain. Most Kong toys are made with rubber and other gentle material, which soothes their teeth and gums. 

To encourage your puppy to play with a Kong toy, place their favorite treat like a doggy biscuit or peanut butter (unsweetened) inside it. 

Your puppy will sniff the treat and try to reach it with its teeth and paws. Playing with a Kong toy helps enrich your puppy and offers a way to release their pent-up energy. 

Tug-of-war toys

A cute puppy tugging on a colored rope toy.

Puppies love toys they can play tug-of-war with like ropes and rubber rings! These toys give your puppy an outlet to tug and pull as much as they want to their heart’s delight.

Most tug-of-war toys are made with bungee material. This makes it easier to play tug-of-war with your puppy because they place less stress on your hands and on your puppy.

Of course, when playing tug-of-war, make sure to play in an open area. Avoid jerking your puppy when tugging back to prevent strains or injuries on their neck and jaw.


A cute Havanese puppy carrying a rubber ball in its mouth while walking in a field.

A classic puppy toy, you can’t go wrong with a ball! Balls are the perfect gift for puppies because they keep your puppy active. You can throw a ball at your puppy and they will chase after it without a second thought.

Like all other toys, there are many types and styles of balls designed for puppies. The best ones are soft rubber balls, which are easy on your puppy’s teeth. 

Before purchasing a ball toy, make sure to consider your puppy’s age and size. Your puppy’s toy should correspond to their size and age. This helps prevent a possible choking hazard.


A Golden Retriever puppy offered yummy dog treats by owner in a field.

We’ll say this again (because it’s true): the best way to your puppy’s heart is through their tummy! Treats are a great Christmas gift for puppies and guess what? Your puppy thinks the same thing!

The best treats for puppies are ones with lots of proteins and nutrients that help nurture your puppy’s growing body. Dog treats are also very easy to make at home with the right ingredients.

Here are 3 types of dog treats that your furry friend will love to munch on! 


A Golden Retriever dog reaching over a table to eat doggy biscuits.

There’s nothing more mouthwatering than a delicious platter of Christmas biscuits. Unfortunately, many biscuits that people eat during Christmas celebrations cannot be eaten by puppies. 

Good news: there are countless dog food brands that make biscuits just for puppies! These biscuits usually contain healthy, tasty ingredients that keep your furry friend coming back for more.

Don’t hold back this year! Fill your puppy’s stockings and festive bags with yummy Christmas biscuits. Take these delicious treats to a puppy playdate or at a dog park. 

If you’re the DIY type, try out one of the delicious biscuit recipes online. Many online recipes are easy to make and have yummy, wholesome ingredients that will fill your puppy’s tummy. We promise that your fur-baby will be thrilled at eating your homemade biscuits!


A cute white Siberian Husky chewing on  a dog treat.

If you want your puppy to come to you, open a bag of dog chews. At the first sound of that bag’s crinkle, your puppy will come running faster than the speed of light! Dog chews are a delicious treat that your fur-baby will notice in your hand.

Delicious and entertaining, dog chews offer your puppy a distraction from the chaos of the holiday season. While you’re busy greeting guests, decorating your Christmas tree, or preparing Christmas dinner, your puppy is enjoying their evening with their chewy treat. 

Many chewable dog treats come in a variety of tasty flavors, including peanut butter, meat, and even fish. Once your furry friend gets going on their chewy dog treats, they’ll never want to stop!

Gingerbread cookies

A Corgi looking at a plate of Christmas cookies.

You can’t get more Christmas than gingerbread cookies! There are many gingerbread treats that are made with your puppy’s tummy in mind. 

Most of these cookies contain simple yet yummy ingredients like ginger, ground cinnamon, and molasses to give it that sweet taste!

Depending on the brand, you can pick gingerbread cookies of different shapes and sizes. Our favorites are shaped like puppies and doggy bones! 

Of course, like other treats on this list, you are welcome to make your own version of gingerbread cookies. There are many holiday cookie recipes available for you to enjoy baking!


A Poodle puppy on a leash training with owner in the backyard.

Having an obedient, loving puppy is a beautiful experience for any family. However, no matter how cute or cuddly they are, puppies can be a handful—especially when they’re young.

Like small children, puppies need to be taught the rules of the world. As soon as they come home to you, it’s highly recommended that you train them immediately. 

Early training teaches how to be a good boy (or girl) and prevents undesirable behaviors like potty breaks in the house, jumping on people, and chewing on furniture.

This Christmas, make training a breeze with our list of must-have items. Whether your puppy is eager to learn or wants to play by its own rules, these gift ideas will help reinforce the behaviors you expect from them!

Potty training spray

No matter how consistent you are, accidents are bound to happen during your puppy’s training. If your puppy still hasn’t gotten the hang of where to do its business, this gift idea will be a lifesaver: a potty training spray!

Potty training sprays have a special formula that attracts your puppy with a wonderful scent. Spay this in any spot you want and your furry friend will come running to where you want him to go potty.

Most potty training sprays are gentle on most furniture and home decor. Depending on the brand, some scents can be sweet while others can be overwhelming. Take the time to shop for the right one and get started on potty training your fur-baby!

Potty training pads

A Chihuahua puppy sitting on top of a potty training pad.

Potty training is the trickiest part of raising a puppy. You can’t tell your furry friend not to pee on your living room floor, and your puppy is only doing what their body tells them to do. 

Fortunately, you can prevent unwanted gifts in your home with potty training pads. Potty training pads absorb any liquid that’s spilled on them. 

They’re also large and quilted, which protects your floor from damage. Some pads also have a specific scent that’s wonderful for dogs, which encourages them to use it.

Once your puppy learns to use their potty training pads, you won’t ever need to worry about a mess on your floor ever again!

Leash and collar

A Labrador Retriever being trained by its owner with a leash.

Taking your puppy out on a trip to the dog park sounds like a cinch, but what happens when they start to run off? Even if you train your furry friend to follow commands, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be obedient every time.

Some breeds like Beagles are natural hunters that won’t stop until they’ve figured out where a specific scent is coming from. This can lead to potential dangers for you, your puppy, and even other people. 

In these cases, a leash and a collar usually do the trick! Leashes and collars come in a variety of colors, patterns, and lengths. A good leash is short enough so that you can train your fur-baby to walk closely next to you without pulling or straining.

A great collar fits your puppy’s neck without squeezing it. You’ll also need to upgrade your collar to a larger size to accommodate your fur-baby’s growth. A leash and a collar is an ideal Christmas gift that provides you and your puppy with safety and control.

From leashes to treats to toys, there’s an endless supply of options for puppy Christmas gift ideas. No matter what you decide to purchase for your favorite four-legged friend, remember that they will be happy to unwrap anything you give them! On Christmas morning, you know your puppy is going to be one happy little canine!

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