Should I Adopt or Buy A Puppy?

Puppy Buddy

Congratulations! You’ve finally ready to expand your family and bring home an adorable puppy! While choosing the right puppy can be tough, it’s also challenging to decide where to start. There are several options available to find that perfect furry soulmate for you, your lifestyle, and your home. However, like many new puppy owners, you may want to know: Should I adopt or buy a puppy?

While the topic of “buying a puppy” has become a controversial issue in recent years, both adopting and buying a puppy are two equally respectable options that help you to find an amazing furry friend. In this blog, we discuss the pros and cons of adopting or buying a puppy so that you can make the best decision during your search! 


Buying a puppy

Some dog owners think that “buying a puppy” is connected to low-quality dog welfare standards. Fortunately, that’s not always the case. Purchasing a puppy from a reputable breeder or pet store can be a great way to add your dream puppy to your family. For example, at PuppyBuddy, we constantly keep up high-quality standards to ensure that all puppies are happy and healthy. Here are some of the many benefits that come with buying a puppy: 


1. You will know your puppy’s background. Most reputable breeders keep an extensive history of your puppy and its parents. When you meet your puppy face-to-face at a respected pet store or with a breeder, you’ll likely be able to meet its parents as well. The breeder or staff may give you a document that traces your puppy’s background, giving you an idea of how your puppy will look and act like an adult. Knowing your puppy’s history also helps you build strong bonds with your new puppy!

2. Most puppies will be purebred. Are you searching for a little Yorkie? A cute Dachshund? A gentle Saint Bernard? A respected breeder or pet store will likely have the dog breed you’re looking for! Although many dog owners add a purebred dog to their home based on their overall looks, owning such a breed also gives you an opportunity to mold your puppy as it grows. Why? Because most purebred dog breeds have a set temperament that they may exhibit during training and other situations. Of course, all puppies mature to have their own distinctive personalities and quirks. However, having an idea of their temperament will make it easier to train and play with them as they grow.

3. Your puppy will likely be healthy. From the time they are born, a respectable breeder and pet store always ensure the health of their puppies. They may work with a licensed veterinarian for their puppy’s regular checkups and vaccinations. They’ll also make sure each puppy receives its daily dose of playtime and socialization so that they can interact with their future owners.


Along with the benefits that buying a puppy can have, it also comes with a few disadvantages. A few cons of buying a puppy include: 


1. The entire process can be time-consuming. Finding a good breeder or pet store that consistently maintains high-quality care standards can take a while. Unfortunately, there are some breeders that do not take the time to keep up with industry regulations, which can lead to problems in breeding and care for their puppies. When looking for a breeder, make sure that they value quality over quantity at all times. That means working with veterinarians, socializing their puppies, and meeting with you so that they know you’re a good fit for their puppy. 

2. Your puppy will likely be expensive. Due to the amount of care that respected breeders and/or pet stores place on their puppies, your furry friend may be more expensive than one from a shelter. Remember: a respectable breeder or pet store focuses on the quality of the puppy—that is, making sure they receive proper vaccinations, health evaluations, socialization, sufficient nutrition, background, and so. Therefore, when you purchase a puppy, you have a good idea of the type of fur baby you’ll be taking home.

3. Not all breeders are experts about their dogs. There are some breeders who lack an understanding of their own dog breeds. They may provide new pet owners with misinformation about what they can expect with their new puppies. They may not raise their puppies properly by using the best industry practices. It’s important to review and assess each breeder and their knowledge of the puppies they raise.


Adopting a puppy

Adopting a puppy is often seen as a way to take home dogs in shelters that have been abandoned or wanted by their previous owners. And in most cases, it is! It’s also a great alternative method to find your ideal fur baby. Despite misconceptions in the dog community, many dogs in shelters are not aggressive or misbehaved, and have the charm and look to win your heart. There are several benefits to adopting a puppy from a shelter such as:


1. You’ll provide an abandoned or rescued puppy a home. According to the ASPCA, around 3.3 million dogs are placed into shelters each year. Many of these dogs are abandoned by their owners and found roaming the streets. By adopting a puppy, you ensure that at least one of these animals finds safety and love in a good home. Of course, remember that whether you adopt or buy, you still need to provide sufficient care and training so that your furry friend leads a fulfilling life.

2. It’s less expensive than buying a puppy from a store. Adopting a puppy from a shelter is generally cheaper and easier than buying a puppy at a pet store or breeder. Depending on where you live, adoption can cost anywhere from $50 to $200 (if not, slightly higher). Like at a pet store or from a breeder a puppy from a shelter will likely be vaccinated. They’re also usually spayed or neutered, which is included in the pricing.

3. Your puppy may be trained. Animal shelters also uphold pet care standards that may include socialization and basic training. This helps each dog become accustomed to their environment so that they’re ready to go to a new home. The next time you visit a shelter, you may find that many dogs there are polite and well-mannered. However, be sure you’re ready to continue providing your dog with training for the rest of its life. Regardless of whether you purchase or adopt, dogs need consistent training to prevent bad habits from developing.


Even adopting a dog from a shelter can come with disadvantages. Some of the main cons that adopting a puppy can have include: 


1. Your puppy may have a difficult temperament. Because many dogs in shelters come from the streets, they may possess a slightly aggressive or wary temperament with everyone they meet. If these dogs suffered mistreatment or abuse from their previous owners, it may be harder to manage their behavior through training. Of course, it’s not impossible for a dog to open up to a loving family after a traumatic past but it might take a while before this ever happens. 

2. You may not know what your puppy’s breed is. Although many animal shelters and rescue groups have purebred dog breeds in their facilities, it isn’t very common. Most dogs in shelters are mixed breeds, which makes it harder to predict your puppy’s temperament, potential health issues, and familial background. Having an idea of your puppy’s background makes it easier to understand their behavior and other situations.

3. Most shelter dogs are already adults. If adopting a puppy is important to you, you may have a harder time finding one in an animal shelter. The majority of dogs (and animals) in shelters are adults so you will have to reorient your new dog to your home life. Any traits or habits that your dog gained during their time at a shelter may be harder to break. As such, it’s crucial that you keep a consistent training schedule so that your new dog learns the rules of your home.


Whether you adopt or purchase a new dog, make sure you know the benefits and disadvantages of both options. Your puppy is counting on you to give it a happy, fulfilling life so you need to be especially proactive in learning about its needs and wants. Research each option closely and consider what type of dog would be the best fit for you. Once you have those factors in mind, you can begin your journey into adopting or buying a new puppy! Remember: once you bring a dog into your heart and home, they will remain your most loyal friend for the rest of its life. This love and commitment are worth all the work that goes into searching for the right puppy!

If you would like to embark on a journey to find your furry soulmate, check out our available puppies today to begin!