Owning an Italian Greyhound

Mira Gibson

Italian Greyhounds are a sweetheart breed with personality you won’t find in any other dog. Known as the “sprinting couch potato,” this dainty dog is quirky, affectionate, and highly sensitive. But is owning an Italian Greyhound right for you? Read on to find out!


A beautiful, black Italian Greyhound leaps through a green field to show this purebred's athletic, energetic nature.

The classic Greyhound dog breed was primarily a racing dog. Dog races still exist today, but only in Alabama, Arkansas, Iowa, Texas, and West Virginia. Greyhounds are considered medium-to-large sized dogs, but they tend to appear smaller thanks to their ultra thin frames. 

Italian Greyhounds are smaller in size than the standard Greyhound. Categorized as toy sized dogs, Italian Greyhounds have an elegant, almost “frail” figure. This causes them to look graceful. Rather than walk, they seem to prance! 

Whippets are the very smallest Greyhound variety. They’re considered “teacup” sized, even smaller than toy sized. To the untrained eye, a Whippet might seem nervous and even trembling. But this breed is actually just as sweet and playful as its big brothers, the Greyhound and Italian Greyhound


A middle aged woman has fun playing fetch with her brown Italian Greyhound on a beach in front of the ocean waves.

Italian Greyhounds have many sides. This breed can be energetic and playful. And it can also be calm, snuggley, and affectionate. Though never hyper in the wrong setting, an Italian Greyhound can sprint around outside, playing with its owner or other dogs for hours. 

When it’s time to go home, an Italian Greyhound will shift into full-blown cuddle buddy mode! This breed is highly affectionate and loves to laze around with its favorite person. It’s no wonder that the Italian Greyhound has come to be known as a “velcro dog.” This breed “sticks” to its owner, literally!

The one caveat that comes with owning an Italian Greyhound is that this breed will not tolerate being left alone. Italian Greyhounds are prone to separation anxiety and destructive behaviors when they’re all by themselves for hours on end. As a true companion breed, an Italian Greyhound needs to be with people. You can leave your Italian Greyhound alone for an hour or two, tops. But anything longer than that will cause a negative emotional effect on this breed. 


One of the nicest aspects of owning an Italian Greyhound is that this breed barely sheds. Thanks to its short, slick coat of fur, Italian Greyhounds are easy to brush and bathe. And this doesn’t turn into a major production since the breed is so small. An Italian Greyhound can be bathed once every 6 weeks. 


A cute little boy adjusts the lens of his camera so that he can take a good photo of his adorable, gray, purebred Italian Greyhound dog.

This dog breed is a great family pet that’s seldom talked about! When it comes to the best dog breeds for families and the best dog breeds for children, often people think of Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and other popular breeds. But Italian Greyhounds should be on the list! 

Italian Greyhounds are gentle and patient by nature. They’re naturally tolerant of children. And they love playing, which means that your playful, high energy kids will get along great with this breed. 

This purebred dog will also be comfortable in smaller homes and city environments, making the Italian Greyhound a great family pet option for families that live in smaller homes and / or in cities. 


A dainty, relaxed Italian Greyhound sits curled up on a couch inside.

Due to the thin physique of the Italian Greyhound, this breed can get cold easily and doesn’t fare well in rainy, bad weather. If you’re local to Boca Raton like we at PuppyBuddy are, then the warm climate is perfect for this dainty dog breed. That being said, proper Italian Greyhound ownership will require you to provide your furry friend with sweaters, raincoats, and booties during the more stormy months. 

Italian Greyhounds also share some common health issues that new owners should be aware of:

  1. This breed is prone to hip and leg fractures. The risk of accidentally fracturing something increases with age. 
  2. Another common health issue is Progressive Retinal Atrophy. This is a genetic disease that leads to permanent blindness in affected dogs over a period of time.   
  3. Older Italian Greyhounds may also suffer from a luxating patella, or a patellar luxation, which occurs when the kneecap does not stay in place. This causes the dog to walk abnormally and have pain. A veterinarian can reset the kneecap and recommend preventative measures.
  4. Italian Greyhounds can sometimes be prone to seizures and epilepsy.
  5. Some Italian Greyhounds develop allergies and intolerances to foods, ingredients, cleaning products, and other common household products, including their own dog shampoo.
  6. Lastly, hypothyroidism is a concern for Italian Greyhounds. Hypothyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland of the Italian Greyhound dog doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone. Signs that your Italian Greyhound may be suffering from hypothyroidism include epilepsy, fatigue, patchy skin, and loss of hair. If you notice any of these signs, bring your dog to a veterinarian immediately. 

By providing your Italian Greyhound with adequate daily exercise and a healthy diet, he will remain in excellent health! 


Three beautiful, sleek Italian Greyhounds stand on a rock outside with green trees in the background.

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