Maltipoo: Everything You Need to Know

Mira Gibson

Maltipoos are a hybrid mix of two purebred breeds—the Maltese and the Poodle. Adorable, affectionate, and perky, the Maltipoo has quickly become a beloved companion to people of all ages and families with children.

Maltipoos are just as happy taking brisk walks with their owners as they are snuggling on the couch and sitting in their pet parents’ laps. 

Another perk of having a Maltipoo as an addition to your home and family is that this designer dog breed is considered “non-shedders.” This term means that Maltipoos shed significantly less than the average dog breed. Some owners of Maltipoos have commented that the shedding is “insignificant.” This can make life a bit easier for people who live in smaller homes and don’t want to constantly vacuum up dog hair. Also, Maltipoos are hypoallergenic, making them a good breed for people who are sensitive to pet dander and fur.  

This breed can make a wonderful addition to families and households that have other dogs, cats, and exotics like bunnies. This is thanks in large part to the friendly yet gentle nature of the Maltipoo. As part Poodle, Maltipoos are also highly intelligent, and their intelligence carries over into the social dynamics of the home. Meaning, your Maltipoo will be quick to pick up on your cat’s irritation and leave him alone just as easily as he’ll pick up on your toddler’s tantrum and try to comfort him.    


Standing at no more than 14 inches and weighing less than 20 lbs, Maltipoos are a small breed, as they are typically half Miniature Poodle (not the taller Standard Poodle breed). Thanks to their Poodle parent, a Maltipoo can come in any variety of colors, since Poodles are a full range of white to black and everything in-between. With the genetics of their Maltese parent, which is a white dog breed, Maltipoos are rarely fully black, and tend to appear “gray” with a mix of black hair, white hair, and gray hair. This breed can also come in cream, taupe, and sand colors. 

As small and adorable as Maltipoos are, PuppyBuddy recommends that you watch out for and be wary of anyone selling “teacup Maltipoos.” A teacup Maltipoo is even smaller than a Maltipoo, but this incredibly small size is often the result of unethical breeding practices. You’ll notice that here at PuppyBuddy, we only sell Maltipoos, never “teacup” ones. Unfortunately, teacup Maltipoos are prone to serious dental problems and heart diseases that can be fatal and expensive to treat. 


As we highlighted at the beginning of this blog, Maltipoos have a friendly, gentle, yet perky disposition, which makes them great with families and other pets. They are not aggressive dogs, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone who was ever intimidated or bitten by a Maltipoo. 

That being said, this is a “barking” breed. Maltipoos will bark at just about anything, and not necessarily because they are warning their owners of danger. Maltipoos will bark to say hello, share excitement with you, to display joy while playing, and for just about any other reason under the sun. You can train your Maltipoo not to bark for every occasion, but this characteristic will not disappear. If you live in an apartment building with thin walls and unforgiving neighbors, your Maltipoos barking could become a bone of contention with the other tenants… no pun intended. 


Though Maltipoos are considered “non-shedders,” technically they have “high maintenance” grooming needs. Their hair continues to grow and can get long and tangled if they aren’t brushed, trimmed, and groomed regularly. Many Maltipoo owners chose this breed because they enjoy the bonding experience of grooming their dogs. If you foresee that you won’t share this sentiment, then you’ll need to take your Maltipoo to the professional groomers. Prior to choosing a Maltipoo, you should ask yourself if you’re either willing to groom your dog or at least pay for him to be professionally groomed. If you answer “no” to both of these, then choosing a different dog breed that’s low maintenance might be better. 


Maltipoos are small dogs with a lot of energy. So, what does that mean in terms of their daily exercise requirements? This cute breed actually needs only 10 – 15 minutes of brisk exercise a day. Now, this probably won’t happen with the average bathroom walk around the block, which will involve much stopping, sniffing, and marking, as well as a good squat, if you know what we mean. You’ll want to take your Maltipoo out for an exercise-focused walk, or stay in the backyard to run around and play fetch, which could also happen at a park. 

That being said, 10 – 15 minutes is very little as compared to some medium to large size dogs, who need at least one hour. Some Maltipoo owners have found that two daily 15 minute walks better serve their dog’s high energy and exercise needs.


Maltipoos are a fairly new hybrid breed, the first having originated in the early 1990s, that’s only 30 years ago! As a new breed that’s not “purebred,” the Maltipoo is not on the dog breed list at the American Kennel Club, which means you can’t register your Maltipoo. But we don’t consider that a downside. The benefits of having a Maltipoo far outweigh the drawbacks, even where barking is concerned. 

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