How to Have a Merry Christmas with Your Puppy Buddy

Mira Gibson

The holidays are right around the corner! If you brought home your very first little puppy buddy, you might be wondering how to include your furry friend in the Christmas holiday. In this blog, we’ll show you how to have a Merry Christmas with your puppy buddy!

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A cute Pug puppy gnaws on a Christmas ornament while wearing a Santa hat to show that the holiday season poses unique hazards to puppies and dogs.

As a new puppy parent, you probably already puppy-proofed your home. This Christmas, you’ll need to have a “puppy proofing eye” as you hang twinkling lights, decorate your Christmas tree, and set out your holiday decorations. Be mindful of potential choking hazards. Keep decorations high up so that they’re out of your puppy’s reach. This includes Christmas tree ornaments. 

Holiday decorations that can pose a hazard to curious puppies include:

  1. String lights. They can be dangerous if your puppy chews on the wires.
  2. Tree ornaments. Many are fragile and breakable, and might look like toys to your puppy.
  3. Christmas tree needles. These could lead to an obstruction if ingested, and the tree’s natural oils can make your puppy sick.
  4. Candles. Open flames pose a threat to wagging tails and furry friends.
  5. Tinsel and ribbons. If eaten, these objects can get caught in the intestines, requiring emergency surgery.
  6. Snow globes. They may contain antifreeze to keep them from freezing and can be dangerous if your puppy knocks one over, breaks it, and licks up the liquid.
  7. Certain holiday plants. Some popular plants, like poinsettias and mistletoe, are toxic to puppies and other domestic pets.

We also strongly advise that you keep an eye on your puppy at all times. Unlike earlier in the year when letting your puppy roam freely around the house, we recommend that you keep him in sight at all times as long as your decorations are up. 

A fun aspect to holiday decorations this time of year is how your residential neighborhood will be all decked out with Christmas lights. Bring your puppy out for extra walks after dark. This is a fun activity and great way for you and your puppy to get exercise and get into the Christmas spirit! 


A curious Australian Shepherd puppy sniffs newly baked Christmas dog treats with a glowing fire in the background.

How to have a Merry Christmas with your puppy also includes baking fun doggy treats! There are countless healthy, delicious Christmas dog treat recipes online to choose from. Your puppy will love bonding with you in the kitchen as you mix ingredients and taste your progress as you go. 

Many dog treats don’t require much prep time or effort. Whether you bake biscuits, freeze puppy pops, or let a dog treat harden in the fridge, most dog treats will be ready to eat in a matter of hours.

Having special treats for your puppy on Christmas can help dissuade him from trying to eat human foods. Especially at Christmas dinner when a lot of dishes may be set out across your table. We recommend that you ask your family, friends, and other guests not to feed your puppy table scraps. This is another reason why having already made treats for your puppy is such a good idea. You can let your guests feed the dog treats to your puppy. This way, your puppy will feel included in the celebration. 


An adorable Jack Russell Terrier wearing a Santa hat sits patiently on a doormat with his leash at his feet, ready to go for his Christmas day walk around the neighborhood.

Whether you’ve had your new puppy one week or one month, you’ve already established a daily routine with your furry friend. It’s important that you keep this routine even on your days off from work and on the Christmas holiday itself. It might be tempting to sleep late, rush around town for Christmas shopping, and forget about the afternoon walk you usually take your puppy on. But we caution you against all of this. 

It’s best for your puppy that you keep his regular routine. Walk him at the same time(s) as usual. Likewise, feed him at the same time(s) you normally do. Any extra holiday activities or errands you have planned should fit around your puppy’s normal schedule. Also, whenever possible, bring your puppy along to your holiday events and holiday shopping. Many stores won’t mind your puppy, especially if he’s in a comfortable bag or carrying case.  


A beautiful, happy family dancing around the living room with their Golden Retriever puppy on Christmas day to celebrate the holiday.

Last but certainly not least, we have Christmas Day game ideas to help you have a Merry Christmas with your puppy! Here’s a quick list for your reference: 

  1. Treasure Hunt: hide puppy treats throughout a room in your home and let your puppy sniff them out.
  2. Hide & Seek: whether you or someone in your family hides, your puppy will love finding you. 
  3. Outdoor Obstacle Course: if you have a backyard or some space outside, make an agility course using common items. 
  4. Puppy Forte: inside your home, build a puppy forte using old cardboard boxes and other common items including couch cushions and bed sheets.
  5. The list of ideas goes on and on with a little internet research!


A line of purebred puppies and dogs wearing Christmas costumes sit on a white background as inspiration for the holiday season with your new puppy.

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