Great Family Pets

Mira Gibson

A great way to complete your family and make a house a home is to get a pet. Family pets provide numerous benefits to the home. Domestic pets add companionship and company. Stroking and petting a furry friend can relieve anxiety and elevate your mood. And for kids, having a pet can help satisfy their growing need for responsibility. 

There are many great family pets to bring home. Goldfish are peaceful creatures. Cats are full of personality. Guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits can melt your heart. And dogs have a special knack for making sure everyone in the family feels happy, safe, and loved.    

Above and beyond all of the pet options out there, getting a dog remains the top choice for families who want to add a pet to their lives. 

In this article, PuppyBuddy will introduce you to excellent family dogs. The dog breeds on our list are ideal for families of all sizes with children of all ages. These breeds are easy to train, patient with young children, and friendly in general. 

Three Labrodor Retriever puppies sit in the grass. A chocolate Lab, a yellow Lab, and a black Lab, this purebred dog breed is one of the best family dogs.


High-energy, joyful, and compatible with children of all ages and other household pets, the Labrador Retriever is hands-down our favorite purebred dog breed for families. Labrador Retrievers are easy to train because they’re eager to please their families. 

Labrador Retrievers make great family pets is their keen sensitivity and intuition to their owners’ moods, feelings, fears, and anticipations. Your Labrador Retriever will be the cheerleader of your family! He’ll leap for joy to celebrate your high spirits and he’ll comfort you to uplift you when you’re down. 

Three adorable Bulldog puppies sit in the grass. They have the classic "sour mug" Bulldog face that has become a symbol of championship and victory in American sports.


Highly affectionate and great with children, the Bulldog is a companion, purebred dog breed that will be an ideal family pet for low-key households! Thanks to this dog’s even temperament and small size, the Bulldog has become one of the most popular purebred dog breeds for families that want a mellow, cuddly pet. 

Bulldogs have a playful, alert, and adaptable personality that makes them a great addition to households that already have dogs or other domestic animals. As far as personalities go, Bulldogs are bright, cheerful, and affectionate. Some might even say that their Bulldogs have a way of charming them!

A row of fluffy, cuddly Golden Retriever puppies sit obediently outside in the grass, ready to meet their forever families.


Gentle, patient, and emotionally intelligent, the Golden Retriever is one of our favorite easy-to-train family dogs. No other dog breed has the sweetness and caring disposition of the Golden Retriever. This humble breed is great with other domestic animals as well as children of all ages, which means that when your young child gives your Goldie commands, the dog will do as it’s told without challenging the authority of the child.

In addition to being patient and gentle with children, Golden Retrievers are nurturing and supportive animals. If you take home a Golden Retriever, you’ll quickly understand why this dog breed has been the #1 family dog for decades. For this reason, it’s our opinion at PuppyBuddy that the Golden Retriever is the best dog breed for kids!   

Precocious, feisty, and full of love, a Beagle stands alert in the grass outside ready for it's owner's next command.


As an energetic, merry, and hard-working family pet, the Beagle takes his job protecting your home from unwanted furry visitors seriously. Deeply ingrained in the Beagle’s DNA is the instinct to hunt rabbits, squirrels, rats, mice, and other rodents, which means that as long as you have a Beagle around, you won’t have to call pest control. For this reason, PuppyBuddy only recommends Beagles to families that don’t have other household pets unless those pets are other dogs. 

Thanks to their huge brown eyes, large velveteen ears, and adorable disposition, Beagles are beloved family dogs that get along with other dog breeds and children of all ages. The high energy level of Beagles and their playfulness along with their small size make them a great match for children.  

A black Pug puppy and a fawn Pug puppy peek over a fallen tree to show you their cute puppy faces.


If you want a super friendly dog that isn’t high energy like the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, or Beagle, then our top recommendation to you is the Pug! Pugs are among the friendliest of all the friendly dog breeds, and thanks to their short legs, waddling gait, and flat faces, you Pug is not likely to run off. Pugs are smart, affectionate, and a little goofy. They enjoy short spurts of playing and love long cuddling sessions with their families. 

As companion animals, Pugs need to spend the majority of their time with their owners and don’t necessarily do well emotionally if they’re left home alone. If you and your family foresee you’ll be too busy to give a Pug attention, then another more independent dog breed may be better. For homebody families and those with many family members, you will quickly discover that your Pug was built to love whoever’s home!

Known as nature's babysitters, the Newfoundland dog breed is shown here as two cute black Newfoundland puppies for sale in Florida at PuppyBuddy in Boca Raton.


Known as the “gentle giants” of the dog world, Newfoundlands are highly intelligent, humongous, and natural nurturers. They’re even known as “nature’s babysitters” as this dog breed has an innate instinct to “nanny” human children. Despite their tremendous size when fully grown, Newfoundlands are slow-moving, mellow, and gentle dogs around the home. That being said, they can also be clumsy around the house. Your Newfoundland might accidentally knock into furniture as he grows into his huge dimensions. 

Newfoundlands are great with older children who like to play. This dog breed will definitely run around in the yard, play fetch, and otherwise give your kids a run for their money. They need about an hour of daily exercise. PuppyBuddy recommends Newfoundlands for families with children who are older than 10. If your kids are younger, then you can still get a Newfoundland puppy, but you’ll need to carefully supervise until your Newfie knows his own strength and size!

Border Collie puppies for sale in Florida are featured here as a row of four Border Collie puppies show the classic white and black markings of this high energy dog for families.


Easily the best active family dog is the Border Collie. We recommend Border Collies to families who want a high energy companion dog. If you plan on bringing your family dog on hiking, camping, and other trips, you’ll be very happy with a Border Collie. Border Collies are herders, runners, sprinters, and otherwise built for high endurance “work.” To this day, Border Collies are one of the top dog breed choices for livestock farmers who need a dog to herd their livestock. 

You don’t have to be a shepherd with a livestock business to own a Border Collie, however. But you will need to dedicate time and energy to train your Border Collie. This dog breed learns quickly. If you want an easy-to-train dog that’s eager to please you and accompany you on every walk, jog, hike, and outdoor adventure you plan, then you and your family couldn’t ask for a better breed than the Border Collie.  


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