Great Danes and Your Children

Mira Gibson

For lovers of large dog breeds, the Great Dane is a majestic, “gentle giant.” Great Danes are known for their friendliness, dependability, and mellow attitude around the home. But are they good with children? 

This article contains everything there is to know about owning a Great Dane when you have kids. 


A woman laughs as her black Great Dane stands over her and rests his huge head on her face, showing that Great Danes are the tallest dog breed.

According to the American Kennel Club, the largest size a dog can be is “large,” yes. But some large dog breeds are bigger than others. The Great Dane fits this exception to the rule. This breed is the tallest of all the dog breeds, both purebred and mixed. Most Great Danes are 50” tall, from paw to shoulder. This means that standing on all fours, the top of a Great Dane’s head will be the same height as the shoulder of a man who is 6’ tall. 

Rather than using the word “large” to describe a Great Dane, it’s more accurate to call them “huge,” “massive,” “giant,” or even “gargantuan”!

Due to their sheer, massive height, Great Danes naturally weigh a lot, even though they’re “lean.” A fully grown, male Great Dane can easily weigh 200 lbs. 

It’s not unreasonable to assume that a dog of this height and weight could be dangerous around children. But the beautiful Great Dane dog breed will surprise you! 


A fashionable, cosmopolitan woman makes a model kiss face at her majestic Great Dane dog while they sit on the veranda near the ocean.

In terms of the nature and intentions of a Great Dane, this dog is gentle, caring, and nurturing around children. Its instinct is to cuddle and to be protective, if necessary. Great Danes are also laid back, patient, and easy going. But there are certain considerations for people with children.

In general, dogs are known for the uncontainable joy they feel when their favorite person comes home. Dogs of all ages often get the “zoomies.” And they’ll bound around, excited, about whoever or whatever is making them happy. Great Danes are no different. Just like any dog breed, your Great Dane will jump for joy seeing you come home. They’ll also take delight in playing with your children. 

It’s only during these moments of extreme, uncontainable doggy joy that a Great Dane could forget its own size. Any large dog breed can easily knock over a very small child without meaning to during one of these moments of excitement. For this reason, PuppyBuddy recommends that families with very small children spend a little more time training their Great Dane puppy. And spend equal time teaching their young ones how to treat the new family dog. As long as an adult is always supervising the Great Dane with the little children, there shouldn’t be any mishaps or accidents.   


An enormous Great Dane stands over a tiny Chihuahua to show the difference in sizes between these two purebred dog breeds.

If you’ve ever heard the rumor that Great Danes can be “jealous,” then we’d like to set the record straight. A Great Dane will not grow jealous of your children or your attention and affection towards your kids. Period. “Great Dane jealousy” refers to an unusual attitude that some Great Danes have towards other household dogs that receive human attention.

The typical scenario occurs when a resident, adult age Great Dane suddenly discovers a new puppy in the home. Though Great Danes are not aggressive, a Great Dane could attempt “antagonistic” behavior towards the new dog. For this reason, PuppyBuddy is in the habit of mentioning to customers who are considering getting a Great Dane that it won’t be a good idea for them to add another dog to their home once the Great Dane is an adult. 

We do, however, recommend to customers who foresee that they would ultimately like more than one dog to get two or even three Great Dane puppies at once. Great Danes love the company of other Great Danes! Maybe it’s a “Great Dane” thing, but this breed wholeheartedly believes that you can never have too many Great Danes! And we agree!


A beautiful Great Dane puppy learns how to give his paw on command during his professional puppy training class at PuppyBuddy in Boca Raton, Florida.

Great Danes are moderately intelligent. They respond well to puppy training. And using positive reinforcement during puppy training will yield the fastest results. However, some new owners of Great Danes find difficulty in puppy training only due to the breed’s large size. You can greatly reduce any resistance to puppy training by getting a jump on the training process. Do not wait until your Great Dane is 6 months old to start training him! As soon as you bring your Great Dane puppy home, begin training him with the basic commands. Give special training attention to teaching your Great Dane not to run in the house. 

For anyone who buys their Great Dane puppy from PuppyBuddy, you will automatically receive 6 Weeks of Puppy Training for Free at our location in Boca Raton, Florida. This 6-week training course is taught by a professional dog trainer. Other new puppy parents will be in the class with their new puppies, too. This provides all the puppies with additional socialization opportunities that complement the training that they’ll receive. We strongly recommend this puppy training class to all of our customers. And even if you don’t get your new puppy from us, we encourage you to enroll your Great Dane puppy in a professional dog training course while he’s still a puppy!


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