Frequently Asked Questions

What is PuppyBuppy?

PuppyBuddy is a network of passionate dog lovers and elite dog breeders working together to find you your dream puppy.

Where do our puppies come from?

The Top 1% of USDA breeders. We have a strict no puppy mill policy and guarantee — our pups are bred and raised exclusively by passionate, fellow animal-lovers who have years of experience breeding and raising dogs. Our breeders are an extension of the PuppyBuddy family.

We’re proud to uphold this standard each and every day, as it helps our organization establish standards and protocol beyond the USDA guidelines.

Why are the puppies so expensive?

A puppy’s health is an invaluable luxury. Unfortunately, not all pups are born into an environment that facilitates and values health or history.

At PuppyBuddy, we guarantee that all of our puppies come from a healthy, loving, and caring environment before being placed in their fur-ever home. Knowing your puppy’s lineage and birth location, not to mention having access to the breeder’s history, is priceless. It’s what sets the bar, and thus the price, so high at PuppyBuddy.

Additionally, all of our puppies have up-to-date vaccinations, check ups, and warranties. This will help ensure that you and your pup have everything you need in those first crucial three months.

No Puppy Mill Guarantee

At Puppy Buddy, we are passionate and committed dog lovers (and puppy enthusiasts!). Our #1 priority is that our puppies come from a loving and caring environment. We hold our breeders to the highest standards, making sure to connect and work with those that are the top 1% USDA Licensed and Inspected.

As equally devoted dog lovers, our breeders make every effort to provide all puppies and their parents with utmost love, respect, and attention. Along with standard vet care, all puppies and parents receive plenty of exercise, nourishment, companionship, affection, and socialization. We have a zero tolerance policy for puppy mills. We want all of our puppies to be healthy and happy so that they can find the perfect homes and families.