Energetic Dog Breeds for Active People

Mira Gibson

Energetic dog breeds are great for active people who want a dog they can exercise with. 

In the right households, a high energy dog makes an enthusiastic companion and faithful jogging buddy. 

Anyone who’s looking for an energetic puppy that can keep up with their active, athletic lifestyle for the next ten years needs to know about these breeds. 

An Australian Shepherd leaps in the air to catch a green Frisbee and show that energetic dog breeds are amazing.


Australian Shepherds are America’s premier livestock herding dog. Don’t let the name fool you, this purebred dog breed was developed and popularized in the American pioneer west, not Australia. The Australian Shepherd has enough energy to “work all day” on a farm. But you don’t have to be a farmer to keep this breed happy. An Australian Shepherd needs about 2 hours of exercise a day. If you’re athletic and want a dog to come with you on your morning jog and after work walk, the Australian Shepherd is a great choice. 

A fit woman jogs along a seaside pier with her yellow Labrador Retriever in autumn time because exercising with high energy dogs is great for your health.


The energy level of Labrador Retrievers isn’t quite sky-high, but it’s pretty close. Labrador Retrievers need about 1 hour of exercise every day. They’re faithful jogging buddies, yet they’re well suited for people who move at a slower pace. If you’re more of a speed walker, or if your daily jog doesn’t crack 3 miles, your Lab will keep up without trying to get ahead of you. Labrador Retrievers are considered the easiest dog breed to train and also the best dog breed for first time dog owners. All the more reason to pick a Lab!

The German Shepherd dog breed is an energetic dog breed for families, as the German Shepherd hear pounces on a red Frisbee while playing outside.


German Shepherds are among the highest energy dog breeds out there. This purebred dog is highly intelligent, too. German Shepherds are the #1 choice for the police and military thanks to their high stamina and even higher intelligence. What this means for active people and families is that you’ll have to invest your time and energy in training your German Shepherd puppy. Once you do, you will have a loyal and enthusiastic exercise partner for up to 13 years. 

Full of energy, the Jack Russell Terrier dog breed featured here is bounding happily through a sunny field, as one of the best energetic dog breeds for families.


Not all energetic dog breeds come in large packages. If you want a high energy dog that’s small, then the Jack Russell Terrier is for you. Jack Russell Terriers are basically lightning trapped in a bottle that looks like a dog. This small, muscular dog can sprint 38 miles per hour, jump 5 feet high, and leap over creeks that are 8 feet wide. This is one of the most athletic dog breeds out there. 

A fully grown Dalmatian leaps through a lake to show this dog breeds high energy and joy of life.


Dalmatians are high energy, sensitive, family dogs. They’re happiest when they’re out for a jog or long walk with their favorite person. A Dalmatian needs about 2 hours of exercise every day. This breed doesn’t like being left home all alone. Dalmatians are a great pet for families, especially when each family member takes the dog with them for their exercise outings throughout the day. A Dalmatian who gets enough outdoor time each day will be very calm and mellow inside the home the rest of the time. 

Three beautiful Siberian Huskies run through a snowy forest to show their boundless energy as one of the best energetic dog breeds for families.


The purebred dog breed, Siberian Husky, has enough energy to haul a sled for hours on end. This cold climate dog will be your friend forever if you include him in your daily exercise routine. And the good news is that you don’t have to live in Alaska to keep your Siberian Husky happy. We sell Siberian Husky puppies in Florida, and our new puppy owners keep their Huskies cool and calm by brushing them daily. Taking your Siberian Husky to the groomers to get bathed and “de-shedded” is also a great idea, especially after a long run on the trail with your high energy Husky!

A gorgeous Shetland Sheepdog leaps and runs through a meadow, using its high energy to express its love of life.


The reason we love the energetic Shetland Sheepdog so much is because this moderate-energy breed easily adapts to its owner’s or family’s way of life. Shetland Sheepdogs, also called Shelties, need about 1 hour of exercise each day. They love to run around during that time. Though they’re small-to-medium sized, Shelties can keep up with any jogger. And they’re just as happy going for a hearty walk or even just playing fetch in the backyard with the kids. You can help tire out your Shetland Sheepdog  

A large, fluffy Bernese Mountain Dog leaps through a sunny field, demonstrating its high energy and proving it's one of the best energetic dogs for families.


If you have a soft spot in your heart for large dogs that drool and have enough energy to give you a run for your money, then you really can’t go wrong with a Bernese Mountain Dog. This beautiful purebred dog needs between 1 and 1.5 hours of daily exercise. But the exercise doesn’t have to be high energy. Bernese Mountain Dogs have excellent stamina and appreciate long walks with their favorite person. Just be sure to plan in a good game of fetch so your Bernie can sprint and burn off any excess energy he has. At home, your Bernese Mountain Dog will be a loving lump of fluffy fur, ever ready to love you and your family unconditionally!


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