Dachshund: Everything You Need to Know

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Sausage dog. Doxie. Weenie. The Dachshund is a perky little dog that goes by many names. Whether you call them “sausage” or “dachsie”, there’s no denying that this dog breed is very popular—and has been for decades. Dachshund originated in Germany 600 years ago and was bred to hunt and dig into badger dens. That’s actually where their name comes from. In German, Dachshund means “badger dog”, and the breed continued their hunting habits well into the 1800s.

Along with being excellent diggers, Dachshunds have countless unique traits that make them irresistible. With their long bodies and floppy ears, Daschies are spunky and are not afraid to show off their confidence to others. These doggies often show off their bold personality with their loud barks. And you can see how feisty Dachshunds are from the time they’re puppies. As puppies, Dachshunds have an insatiable curiosity about the world around them. They also crave the affection of their owners and love to spend time with them. It’s no surprise that Dachshunds have stolen the hearts of so many dog owners. 

If you think the Dachshund is the right dog for you, you’re in the right place. Dachshunds are clever furry friends that will never leave your side. Of course, countless other unique traits make up the Dachshund breed. On this blog, we’ll explore what makes the Dachshund tick to help you decide whether these little dogs are the best choice for you!



The Dachshund is a small dog breed. Their height and weight vary between the standard and miniature breed sizes. For standard Dachshunds, their height is typically about 8 to 9 inches, and around 16 to 32 pounds in weight. Miniature Dachshunds reach 5 to 6 inches in height and weigh 11 pounds (or less).



The Dachshund is a small dog that can easily be recognized by its long body, short legs, and confident walk. This breed comes in two different size variations: standard and miniature. However, the breed is generally small in size. They also come in three different coat types: smooth, wire-haired, and long-haired. Each coat type requires a different set of grooming needs. Most Dachshunds come with a light tan or black and brown coat colors. Other common coat colors include chocolate, cream, and blue & tan. 



The Dachshund is always alert of their surroundings. Despite their small size, they will bark and try to protect their loved ones from danger. They’re also pretty independent, and always seem to be a part of the action. Sometimes, their need for independence can lead to a stubborn streak. Dachshund love to please but they also prefer doing things on their terms. That’s why it’s highly important to train your Dachshund during their puppyhood years. You may also notice that your Dachshund is an avid sniffer. That’s because these little dogs love sniffing the ground to hunt for any vermin, something they inherited from their ancestors. This breed also makes excellent watchdogs due to their highly alert nature. Because of their courageous personality, Dachshunds often do not know their limits and will try to be a guard dog. Make sure to protect your Dachshund from any potential situations they may get themselves into.


Exercise Level

Despite their tiny stature, Dachshunds are energetic and need their exercise. Whether inside or outside your home, Dachshund must have their daily dose of exercise. You can keep your Dachsie in shape by playing fun games with them or running for short distances. Do not try to force your Dachshund to run long distances. This breed is not made for rigorous training or exercise. Due to their short legs, they’re also not built for swimming or any activity that involves water. 



A Dachshund’s grooming needs highly depend on their coat type. For example, Dachshunds with a smooth coat do not require high-maintenance grooming. A quick wipe with a towel, occasional bath, and weekly brushing is enough. However, wire-haired Dachshunds need their coat trimmed and plucked, especially the eyebrows and beard. Long-haired Dachshund should have their coat brushed daily and trimmed regularly. This prevents tangles and mats. You must also pay attention to their ears, which are prone to infections. Make sure to clean the area around and inside their ears each week. 



Dachshunds are dogs packed with personality and spunk. This allows them to be independent. Unfortunately, a Dachund’s independence can transform into stubbornness. Just remember not to take it personally. A Dachshund needs guidance and training, especially when they’re puppies. When your Dachshund starts to disagree with you, do not scold or yell at them. Instead, use praise and rewards (toys and treats) for any positive behavior they show during training. Dachshunds are also highly alert to their surroundings. They may become easily distracted by a scent or a person walking by. Make sure to be patient and consistent so that your pup learns your rules. 


Other Things to Consider

Dachshunds are a bit stubborn but these are flaws that can easily be corrected. If you’re a first-time dog owner, Dachshunds are the perfect breed for you. They’re extremely patient and will join you on your adventures. Dachshund will even cuddle with you on the couch. Just make sure not to squeeze their backs or hold them incorrectly. This breed is also flexible with living arrangements. They can live in large homes and small apartment spaces. While the Dachshund is naturally friendly, these dogs prefer a home without small children. Their protective and intense nature makes it hard for these little dogs to get along with the energy of young children. 


Dachshunds are a great breed for any owner who can address their needs. After you meet the right Dachshund for you, be sure to prepare your house for their homecoming! Check out our blog post, Your Puppy’s Coming Home: A Readiness Guide to get started!

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