Best Puppy Breeds for Families with Kids

Puppy Buddy

Deciding on the perfect puppy for you and your family comes with a lot of research and patience. Every puppy breed has its own quirks and attributes that make them lovable and ideal for the right family. When it comes to children, finding that instant match is much trickier, especially if they’re at a young age. Some breeds are not naturally keen on the idea of young children while others are more than happy to play and cuddle with them.

Let’s take a look at 5 best puppy breeds for families with kids:

1. Golden Retriever

Gentle and friendly, the Golden Retriever is a smart, confident, and loyal puppy that does very well with children of all ages. It is extremely patient and happy to play fetch and other fun dog activities, making it an excellent match for kids. Its beautiful golden coat does require regular grooming and will also need lots of exercise to keep healthy. Overall, they are easily trainable, lovable fur-babies that make great family companions.

2. Beagle

The Beagle is a sweet, happy puppy whose small size and calm demeanor makes it a great choice for kids. Originally bred as hunters, the Beagle’s strong build means it will never tire from playing too many games, and running after children helps protect it from obesity. Beagle puppies also do not shed hair very often, and their sweet nature makes them a pleasure for your children to be around. They may not take too kindly to other family pets, however, but this trait can easily be fixed with early socialization.

3. Collie Breeds

There are several varieties of puppies that belong to the Collie breed, such as the Border Collie and Bearded Collie. Collie breeds are known for being gentle, intelligent, and predictable. Their calmness and easy trainability makes them great family pets, especially with young children. A Collie was originally bred as a herding dog so it may even attempt to herd your childrenshould this occur, take extra care in discouraging this behavior. A Collie’s long coat needs regular grooming and it’s important to obedience-train this breed early on.

4. Poodle

Despite their often eccentric or elegant haircuts, Poodles are a smart and gentle puppy breed that are easy to maintain and friendly with children. This breed is available in three different sizes, and while each come with their own quirks, they’re all generally cute, easygoing pups that love being with their families. Poodles, like many dog breeds, need regular exercise and grooming to maintain their health and physique.

5. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are an incredibly loyal and intelligent dog breed that makes them instantly a favorite among families with kids. They are easy to train and they pick up things very fast. Another plus is that it loves learning new things, which is ideal when playing with children. Attentive and alert, German Shepherds are also great watchdogs so you will never have to worry about your child’s security. This breed’s coat is easy to groom, requiring a quick brush every week and only needs an occasional bath.

When choosing your puppy, make sure their needs, temperament, activity level, breed size and other factors are taken into consideration. A puppy may look small and cute at its young age but if it belongs to a large breed, its adult size may be too much to accommodate for. Whatever breed you choose as your next puppy, you and your family will always have a lifelong furry friend!

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