Best Low-Maintenance Dog Breeds for Busy Owners

Mira Gibson

Just because you work long hours and have to be away from home doesn’t mean you can’t be a dog owner. It’s true that most breeds of dogs don’t do well when they’re left all by themselves all day. But there are several low-maintenance dog breeds that are perfect for busy owners. 

Those breeds include:

  • Dachshunds
  • Mastiffs
  • Greyhounds
  • French Bulldogs
  • Chihuahuas

In this article, you’ll learn what makes these 5 dog breeds best for busy owners.


Three Dachshund puppies of different colors sit on a white background looking like the most adorable dog breed.

Our first low-maintenance dog breed is the adorable Dachshund! Dachshunds are spunky, personable purebred dogs. They can have either long hair or short hair, but either way, their grooming needs are considered low maintenance. Dachshunds like to relax, rest, and nap. This makes it easier to leave them for the day while you’re at work. But don’t let their small size fool you. Dachshunds have a ton of energy and can easily play for hours. The trick with your Dachshund is to take them out for a long walk and play session in the morning before you leave for the day. This way, your Dachshund will feel relaxed when you go, and will be happy to lounge around and take naps while you’re away at work. Just be prepared that as soon as you step in the door when you get home, your Dachshund will be ready for more outdoor adventures! Since some Dachshunds can be more sensitive to getting lonely, be sure to study the warning signs of separation anxiety.


Two Mastiff puppies of fawn color sit in a basket on an orange background.

Mastiffs are one of the largest dog breeds around, but that doesn’t mean they have a ton of energy. This dog breed was originally developed in England as “guardians of hearth and home.” Mastiffs have relatively low exercise needs, and their duties as protectors of the home don’t necessarily go beyond their domineering presence. As a large breed, a Mastiff need only stand and a potential intruder will be too intimidated to trespass. In fact, Mastiffs are actually gentle giants who tend to err on the side of being a bit lazy. They like to lounge around, take naps, and otherwise enjoy the quieter moments in life. A well-trained Mastiff who gets a good dose of morning exercise before its owner leaves for the day will feel comfortable alone. This can help you to feel confident that your Mastiff is happy while you’re at work. 


Three Greyhound purebred dog breed sit on a leather chair, looking regal.

Greyhounds are svelte purebred dogs that are built for sprinting at high speeds. Despite this, they aren’t necessarily high-energy dogs. Greyhounds only need about 30 minutes of exercise a day, in fact. When at home, Greyhounds are more than happy to snuggle on the couch with their favorite humans and otherwise take it easy. Unlike other highly independent breeds, Greyhounds don’t totally love being left home alone. This low maintenance dog breed does best when a friend, family member, or dog walker shows up midway in the day to take them out for a walk. If you get a Greyhound and won’t be home for 8 – 10 hours a day when you’re at work, you’ll want someone to stop in on your Greyhound at the mid-way point. Other than that, a Greyhound will be comfortable when home alone.  


Three grey French Bulldogs puppies look up adorably and resemble gremlins even though they're the most loyal dog breed.

French Bulldogs, or Frenchies as they’re affectionately referred to by their owners, are small companion dogs with mellow dispositions and hearts of gold. Thanks to their cute flat faces and stocky physiques, French Bulldogs aren’t exactly exercise addicts. They need about 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, but can tucker out easily and get winded. This dog breed is happiest when cozying up on its favorite human’s lap and otherwise being a comfort to its owner in the home. That being said, French Bulldogs don’t object to being home alone when their owners have to work all day. The trick to making this work with your Frenchie is, first and foremost, to properly train your dog with rules and housebreaking. Leave your Frenchie with doggy puzzles, an automatic treat dispenser, and other solo activities to keep him occupied while you’re gone. 


A black short haired Chihuahua stands next to a tan and white long haired Chihuahua, on a white background, to exhibit the Chihuahuas well groomed coats.

Last but certainly not least on our list of low maintenance dog breeds for busy owners is the lovable, adorable, and amazingly petite Chihuahua! Chihuahuas can have either long hair or short hair, yet are easy to groom and care for either way. This dog breed hails from Chihuahua, Mexico, and so you can be sure your Chihuahua will feel comfortable even if the temperature heats up. Chihuahuas are true companion dogs, so it must be said that they will be happiest if they’re by their owners’ side all day long. That being said, this low maintenance dog breed can do fine when left home alone so long as they receive plenty of snuggles, attention, and exercise before you go. Similar to the Greyhound, if you have to leave your Chihuahua home alone, we recommend that you get a trusted friend, family member or dog walker to stop in on your Chihuahua at the midway point in the day. Having attention and a mid-day walk and snuggle session can help keep your Chihuahua healthy and happy while you’re gone. 

So which low maintenance dog breed for busy owners is right for you? PuppyBuddy can help you figure it out! Stop by our Boca Raton pet store, meet our low maintenance puppies, and our knowledgeable pet counselors can help you decide the best dog breed to fit your lifestyle.