Best Dog Breeds for People with Active Lifestyles

Mira Gibson

If you’re a runner searching for a dog breed that can keep up with your physically active lifestyle of jogging, hiking, taking long walks, and otherwise staying active, then PuppyBuddy has your back. We’ve put together a list of the most athletic dog breeds that are always up for a long distance run. 

Running, jogging, sprinting, or even just taking long walks provides heart-healthy cardiovascular exercise that’s great for both canines and humans. Read on to discover the best dog breeds for people with active lifestyles.


Among all the dog breeds out there, Labrador Retrievers have the best long distance stamina. Whether a black, brown, or yellow Lab, this friendly and cheerful breed can keep up with their owners during 5 mile jogs, hikes through the mountains, long walks on the beach, and everything in-between. This is not a sprinting breed, however. But if you want a steady jogging buddy with plenty of stamina to keep at your pace without holding you back or yanking you forward, then a Labrador Retriever is a great breed to take home. 


There’s a difference between being a jogger and a trail runner. If you’re a trail runner, you know the difference. We do, too, which is why PuppyBuddy recommends the Border Collie to accompany you on your journeys of exploring all that Mother Nature has to offer. Not only do Border Collies have stamina to keep up during the long miles on the trail, but they’re also sprinters who can dart ahead and get the “lay of the land” for you. Originating as farm dogs that herded livestock, Border Collies are accustomed to working all day. This means that when you take a Border Collie out with you as your trail running buddy, you won’t have to worry he’ll get tired. 


There are runners, there are joggers, and then there are sprinters. That’s you. When you go outside for your workouts, you include a number of sprints to sky-rocket the heart rate for maximum cardiovascular benefits. You’re all about HIIT, and you might even weave these bursts of exercise into a long walk around the local track. Good news, there’s a dog breed who can sprint with the best of them and also have the stamina to walk, trot, or jog laps during the same workout. We’re talking about German Shepherds. This loyal, trustworthy, and dignified dog breed is highly intelligent and easy to train. Known as the soldier of the canine world, your German Shepherd will follow you to the ends of the earth and back. 


What if you want a dog with stamina for long distance jogs, high energy for sprinting, excellent instincts for trail running, an immense sense of courage to defend you in case of a bear encounter, and the ability to sniff out a landmine bomb (you know, in case there’s a bomb around); and you need all of this to fit into less than 20 lbs that stands no more than 14 inches tall because your home is unusually small. That’s a tall order, but there’s a dog breed that will foot the bill. The Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell Terriers are known as the “hero dog.” This breed probably has no concept of its tiny proportions and proceeds fearlessly through life. Your Jack Russell Terrier will love you, protect you, and treat every athletic outing with you as his mission to keep you safe.


What if you’ve read this blog up to this point and you’re worried that none of the dog breeds we’ve mentioned so far will hold up in your chilly Alaskan or Northern Minnesotan neck of the woods where the winters are freezing and the summers aren’t technically hot? You need a stamina dog breed who will be comfortable while out with you in the snow, cold, wind, and rain. If this describes you, then PuppyBuddy recommends the Newfoundland dog breed. This cold-weather dog was originally used in chilly Newfoundland, Canada, as a sled dog and ship dog, interestingly. Newfoundlands are great swimmers and thanks to their thick double-coat of fur, they can swim in icy waters to retrieve fishing gear as well as rescue humans. There are a few caveats with Newfoundlands, though. They’re really walking buddies. They can go the distance, but shouldn’t jog for too long. Also, you’ll have to keep an eye on your Newfie to make sure he doesn’t overheat during the warmer months.

So, which athletic dog breed is right for you? Whatever dog breed fits the needs of your active lifestyle, PuppyBuddy has the puppy for you! Stop by our Boca Raton, FL, location to meet our puppies for sale and take home the perfect jogging buddy for you!