8 Cute Long-Haired Dog Breeds

Puppy Buddy

Long-haired dogs are a thing of beauty. Whether they have silky, lustrous hair or a long, thick coat, these dogs often steal the spotlight wherever they go. No matter the breed, long-haired dogs have wonderful traits that make them great furry companions for any family. They also have little quirks that all dog owners should be aware of. For instance, long-haired dogs require extra grooming than the average dog. Their long coats need regular brushing and trimming to prevent any nasty knots or mats on their fur. If you’re looking for a furry friend that can match you in looks and compatibility, a long-haired dog might be the right fit for you.

Here are 8 of the cutest long-haired dog breeds that make great lifelong friends!


1. Yorkshire Terrier

Puppy Buddy picture of Yorkshire Terrier dog sitting in leaves.


The Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie for short) is a small, sturdy dog with a lot of spunk. Weighing only 4 to 6 pounds, Yorkies are famous for their glossy, straight fur that usually comes in different colors like blonde, brown, black, and even white. This breed might be small but they can be quite the challenge. Yorkies are bold and spunky. They don’t like being told what to do and don’t care how small they are. To train a Yorkie, you’ll need to be firm and consistent with commands. Yorkies are also energetic so they need some daily activity to function. Yorkies also need regular grooming to keep those good looks! You can trim their hair short or let their hair grow out long. Many owners will style their Yorkie’s hair with little bows or in ponytails. Regardless of the hairstyle you pick, your Yorkie will always look cute!


2. Shih Tzu

Puppy Buddy picture of long-haired Shih Tzu portrait on a black background.


With its long, flowing double coat and large eyes, the Shih Tzu is a pooch that was made to steal hearts! This breed is small, growing only 9 to 10 inches tall and weighing around 16 pounds. There are many traits to love about Shih Tzu. Outgoing, bold, and friendly, these little doggies are the perfect furry friend. Their gorgeous coat also steals your attention, usually coming in a variety of colors like white, black, and brown. Shih Tzus are best known for their jumping prowess. These little pooches can reach pretty high places so you’ll need to be extra careful so that your Shih Tzu doesn’t put itself in danger. Shih Tzus are also highly adaptable; they can adapt to any type of home and living space like apartments and condominiums. Because of their friendly nature, Shih Tzu is also easy to socialize, especially if done early. 


3. Maltese

Puppy Buddy picture of a Maltese dog with long hair in a field.


The Maltese are a beautiful little dog that is usually styled with long, white hair. Standing at only 10 inches tall, the Maltese breed is well known for its playful personality. They love to cuddle with their family members and are always up for a game, regardless of their age! Of course, this breed is reputed for its beautiful white locks, which can be styled in numerous ways. The Maltese’s coat can be described as soft and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for owners with allergies. Unlike other dogs, the Maltese will likely need a bath every week. This helps keep their coat clean and shiny. You may also need to clean some of the tear stains around their eyes regularly. Although this breed can adapt to different living conditions, they prefer having a small space to run and play in. A small backyard and a loving family are perfect for these little dogs!


4. Havanese

Puppy Buddy picture of long-haired Havanese dog sitting on a field.


Havanese dogs are adorable, bite-sized dogs that have lots of energy. Many families love having a Havanese dog in their home. Along with being around 8 to 11 inches tall, Havanese dogs are extremely outgoing and friendly. They love going around town with their family members—or on any adventure! One of the traits that make the Havanese special is their soft and silky coat. This coat often comes in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, such as white, black, or brown. Despite their small size, Havanese dogs need long walks, playtime sessions or other types of physical activity to be fit. These dogs do well indoors but it needs lots of space, unlike other small dog breeds. They may cause a bit of a ruckus without proper supervision or companionship. As such, you need to be ready to have a spunky Havanese pup by your side!


5. Pekingese

Puppy Buddy picture of cute Pekingese dog sitting on a grass.


If you’re looking for a long-haired lapdog, the Pekingese is your furry friend! The Pekingese has a beautiful, thick coat that grows long enough to resemble a lion’s mane. And like a lion, these little doggies have an air of royalty and respect. Centuries ago, the Pekingese (or the Peke) were bred by Chinese rulers to be their companions. This breed was so respected among Chinese royalty that anyone who stole or threatened their lives was immediately executed. The Peke retains this high level of regality, even with its family members. It’s a trait that may make them a bit stubborn. They will try to test your patience or even try to rule over you. As long as you hold firm to your house rules, your Peke will know who’s the real boss. Your Pekingese dog will also need adequate grooming so that its coat remains clean and gorgeous. You will need to brush your Peke’s hair weekly, and give them regular baths. By keeping up with your Peke’s grooming routine, you’ll ensure that your best friend has a beautiful coat that’ll keep them cool during the hot weather. 


6. Bernese Mountain Dog

Puppy Buddy picture of cute Bernese Mountain Dog lying on dirt.


The Bernese Mountain Dog is one of the bigger dogs on this list. Weighing between 70 to 11 pounds, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a lot of love and cuddles to give! These dogs have a long, thick coat that comes in a tri-color pattern (black, white, and brown). Their two-layer coat helps keep them warm during cold weather—one layer contains long, soft fur while the bottom layer is thick. The Bernese Mountain Dog is also packed with tons of energy. They enjoy performing lots of activities, especially walks around rough terrains. Because these dogs are bred for cold weather, make sure to pay attention to their health during the hot summer months to avoid overheating, heatstrokes, and other serious health issues. 


7. Lhasa Apso

Puppy Buddy picture of Lhasa Apso dog with long hair walking across the field.


The Lhasa Apso is another gorgeous, long-haired dog breed who often gets confused for a Shih Tzu. These little doggies grow around 9 to 11 inches tall and weigh 15 pounds. This breed originated in Lhasa, Tibet where it was the preferred watchdog of Buddhist monks and palaces. Throughout centuries, the Lhasa Apso has been cherished for its lovely fur. Its name “apso” means “long-haired dog” in Tibetan. Like the Shih Tzu, the Lhasa Apso has long hair that comes in a variety of colors, such as white, beige, and black. Its double, hypoallergenic coat rarely sheds but does require regular brushing every week. You may also need to trim your Lhasa Apso every week to prevent its fur from matting or knotting. The Lhasa Apso is a total homebody; they love being indoors. They also do well in small spaces like apartments. They’re also great pets for owners who do not like to exercise much, only needing short walks to be happy.


8. Newfoundland

Puppy Buddy picture of Newfoundland dog with its tongue out.


Newfoundlands are the largest long-haired dog breed on this list. This means they’ll also need large spaces to accommodate their big size. Growing 25 to 29 inches tall, Newfoundlands are gentle giants and are well known for their lovable, sweet-natured personality. Their large size may be too much to handle for some owners, but they’re generally friendly and great with children. Newfoundlands have very thick coats that typically come in black or brown colors. Some Newfoundlands have a coat with white and black colors. These doggies also need to be monitored during the summer to prevent overheating. They also need to be regularly groomed as they also shed most of their fur during hot weather. Regular brushing prevents heavy knots and mats in a Newfie’s fur. Make sure to keep your Newfoundland company at all times so that they never feel lonely. 


Long-haired dogs are a sight to behold, though their other traits can come with challenges. Like all dogs, many long-haired breeds have distinctive personalities that may go against your lifestyle or habits. For example, Yorkies and Shih Tzus tend to have a stubborn streak, so it can be hard to train them to learn your rules. Make sure to research each breed before you decide to take them home. Once you pick the right breed for you, you’ll always have a friend by your side!