6 Long Haired Dog Breeds You’ll Love to Groom

Mira Gibson

Grooming your dog is a great way to bond throughout your dog’s life. Daily brushing, weekly bathing, and even the occasional clipping of nails can bring you and your furry friend closer than ever. 

If you’re interested in getting a new puppy and foresee that grooming your dog long-term will be enjoyable, then PuppyBuddy has 6 long haired dog breeds you’ll love to groom. Read on to learn about our favorite long haired breeds. And if you’re in the Boca Raton FL area, stop by our store to meet these puppy breeds in person. 


This small dog breed hails from Havana, Cuba. Havaneses are known as highly social, friendly, and intelligent. They love to cuddle and sit on their owners’ laps. The Havanese’s long hair is silky and luxurious. In order to keep the beautiful locks free from tangles and matting, a Havanese must be brushed once a day, Because it is hair, not fur, the Havanese’s hair will continue to grow past its paws if it isn’t trimmed at least once every 3 months. As the owner, you can trim your Havanese easily, if you’ve trained him to hold still. Otherwise taking him to a professional dog groomer is always an option.  


This beautiful dog breed is as old as the Himalayan Mountains themselves. Lhasa is a town in Tibet, and not surprisingly “Apso” means “long haired dog.” The Lhaso Apso was originally a watchdog for Buddhist monasteries, and would bark to warn the monks if anyone was coming. As a long haired dog breed, the Lhasa Apso needs plenty of grooming. The heavy, straight, dense double-coat of hair sheds very little, yet requires thorough brushing two or three times a week. Like the Havanese, this lovable breed also needs regular trimming, and hiring a professional groomer is an alternative to trimming your Lhasa Apso yourself.


For centuries, Chinese royalty loved their Pekingese lap dogs. This long haired dog breed can sit in your lap for hours, as a true companion dog. They are friendly, outgoing, and loving, and will melt your heart with their waddle walk. Pekingese dogs bond very deeply with their owners, and they especially love being groomed by their favorite person. Pekingese have long, thick, double coats of fur, and around their necks are magnificent ruffs that look like a lion’s mane. This breed requires considerable care and grooming, including daily brushing, which can be challenging due to how thick the fur is. This dog will also need regularly scheduled baths using doggy detangling shampoo.


Another Chinese dog breed, the Shih Tzu is a small, long haired lap dog. Shih Tzus are known for their perky personalities, yet they’re named after lions. If you agree there’s no such thing as an “overly” attached and “overly” affectionate companion dog, then the Shih Tzu may be perfect for you. Wonderful family dogs, Shih Tzus are affectionate, lively, and outgoing. If a Shih Tzu’s hair is allowed to grow, the straight, smooth, silky coat can reach the ground. Their long coats need frequent brushing, combing, bathing, drying, and trimming. The shorter the clip, the easier it will be to care for your Shih Tzu. But if you want the full experience of bonding with your Shih Tzu through grooming, you can expect daily brushing, weekly bathing, and regular trimming. 


Considering the toy size of this adorable dog breed, the Yorkshire Terrier sure has a lot of spunk! Yorkies are known for being energetic, feisty, and even domineering at times, yet they’re small enough to fit in your purse. Yorkies have a single coat of fine, long, silky hair. Out of all the dog breeds, the Yorkie’s hair most closely resembles human hair. Its hair grows continuously and needs constant grooming. A great upside to owning a Yorkie is that they are  low-shed dogs, making them a good option for people with allergies. When a Yorkie’s hair sheds, it’s usually a strand here or there, similar to how people lose hair on occasion. You will love brushing your Yorkie every day, and during the hot summer months, you can opt to give your Yorkshire Terrier a cool hair cut. 


Another small size dog breed, the Maltese is affectionate, gentle, and intelligent. Malteses truly love to be groomed, so you should too if you take home a Maltese puppy! This dog breed has a single layer coat of hair that looks great either long or short. When left to grow, the hair of a Maltese can grow to the ground. Many people keep their Malteses hair cropped short. Just be sure never to shave your Maltese. To keep your Maltese properly groomed, plan to give him a full brush out 2 to 3 times a week and a bath every 1 to 2 weeks.  Never brush your Maltese when his hair is dry, since this could damage the hair. Instead, always lightly mist your Maltese with a hydrating spray before you brush. Your Maltese will love the bonding that occurs during these grooming sessions!

Those are PuppyBuddy’s recommendations of the long haired dog breeds that love being groomed by their owners. Stop by PuppyBuddy to meet these and other dog breeds you’ll love to groom.