5 Ways Puppies Makes Us Happy

Puppy Buddy

Ahh, puppies—what’s not to love? Furry, loveable, and downright cute, puppies are often the reason behind our smiles. From the moment you start your day, your puppy is always there waiting to join you on your adventures. Even if you’re just planning to spend a lazy afternoon, your puppy will never complain and will cuddle next to you on the couch. 

Puppies don’t need a reason to love you; they just do! That’s what makes all dogs man’s best friend. The love and affection you get from your puppy can improve your life. No, really! There are numerous scientifically proven studies that show us that our furry friends make our lives better. 

Here are 5 amazing ways puppies make us happy:


  • They keep us healthy.

Owning a puppy has countless health benefits. In fact, the CDC reports that owning a puppy helps decrease blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and increase your activity levels. Puppies are very energetic little goofballs. They love playing games with you for short sessions, taking quick naps, and then playing again! You’ll always be on your feet, throwing frisbees and playing hide-and-seek with your pup. While you take your puppy to the dog park or on walks, you’ll have the chance to meet and socialize with other people. This can further improve your mental health, leading to a happier version of yourself. 


  • They make excellent cuddle buddies.

It’s no question that cuddling with puppies is the best cure to sadness. However, did you know that cuddling your puppy actually improves your overall wellbeing? When you cuddle your puppy, you produce a hormone called oxytocin, also known as “the love hormone.” It’s the same hormone that mothers release when they breastfeed their babies. Oxycontin allows you and your puppy to build a close bond built on trust, love, and affection. Other scientific reasons to cuddle your puppy include: 

  • It improves your physical health
  • It relieves stress
  • It allows you to feel loved

The next time you see your puppy, make sure to give them a good cuddle. It may just lift up your spirits after a long day at work!


  • They know how to cheer us up.

Whether they’re wagging their tail or jumping at us, puppies always have a unique way of cheering us up. Several respondents surveyed at OnePoll.com reported that they never feel lonely with their puppy. The same number of respondents also admitted that they look forward to coming home just to see their furry friend. Even after you’ve had a bad day, your puppy will be there waiting for you to pepper you with kisses. They don’t need excuses to show their kindness to you—they do it without expecting anything in return. This type of love and affection lifts up our mood, especially during the darkest moments of our lives. 


  • They push us to go on adventures.

You already know that puppies make us healthier. However, puppies can also encourage us to be more adventurous. For example, as your puppy grows older, you have new opportunities for rigorous activities. You can take your furry friend out on short hikes on a walking trail, swim at the beach, and head to the pet store (if allowed). Going on adventures with your pup opens us up to new situations and people. We’ll feel part of the community as we grow our circle of friends. This helps us feel appreciated, which increases our happiness.


  • They give us unconditional love.

The human-animal bond is a relationship that has existed for a long time. Once you bond with your puppy, you have a best friend for life. Your puppy is never judgmental about you, and will always be there for you no matter what. According to Texas A&M University, puppies decrease loneliness by providing you with unconditional companionship and love without conditions. It’s no wonder that people are much happier when they come home to your cuddly friend!


There are so many fascinating ways that puppies make us happy, healthier people. Puppies are a wonderful joy to have in our lives because they offer us unconditional love and kindness. It’s no wonder that so many people have puppies in their homes. You’ll know that your puppy is special once they’re in your arms. 

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