Fun Activities for Your New Puppy this Memorial Day

Mira Gibson

As we take time this Memorial Day weekend to remember the fallen heroes who have provided us the freedoms we enjoy, this is also a time for rest and relaxation with our loved ones. 

For those of you who just got a brand-new puppy, or are thinking about coming into PuppyBuddy to buy your first puppy, this means that your Memorial Day weekend is going to be extra special.  

Here are a few fun, safe activities to do with your puppy on Memorial Day!


A barbecue is a great way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with the family, especially if the newest member of your family is a puppy! With a four-legged friend at the barbecue, you’ll want to make sure that the outdoor party is puppy-proof and dog-friendly. 

By hosting the Memorial Day barbecue yourself, you can be the control mechanism that ensures the party and experience is safe for your new puppy. Make sure that the outdoor area is enclosed so that your puppy can’t run off and get lost. If the area is not gated, or if there is any way your puppy might escape, then set up a playpen for your puppy or keep him on his leash.

When it comes to the actual barbecue food, snacks, and drinks at your party, be mindful that many human foods are poisonous or toxic to dogs. Ask your party guests not to feed your puppy scraps, and keep the buffet out of your puppy’s reach. If these precautions are taken, your new fur baby will have a great time this Memorial Day.


One of the greatest things about dogs is that they’re thrilled about the simpler things in life. Who doesn’t love the happy-go-lucky attitude of a puppy? Something as basic as a car ride with the window down can send a dog to the moon and back with joy!

This Memorial Day weekend, take your new puppy on a long, scenic car ride with the windows down! As long as the necessary safety precautions are in place, your puppy will enjoy the wind in his face without risking his well-being. 

All you need to do is secure him in a halter harness that fits snuggly around his chest. Attach the leash to the interior of the car so that your puppy is securely anchored. And there shouldn’t be too much “slack” to the leash. The range of motion that the leash allows shouldn’t be more than giving your puppy the ability to rest his front paws on the windowsill. 


Humans aren’t the only ones who love to savor the sweet goodness of snacks and treats on Memorial Day! Dogs are known to indulge in homemade doggy treats whenever the occasion arises, especially if those treats have peanut butter!

A fun activity to do this Memorial Day weekend is to make patriotic doggy treats! The internet is full of fun, homemade recipes for dogs. Here at PuppyBuddy, we’re a fan of the popular website Mad Pup Life where you can find all kinds of fun doggy treat recipes, like those listed in this Memorial Day Dog Treats article.

Making treats in the kitchen with your puppy is a great way to both bond and train your new fur baby. Make the most of your time together by teaching your puppy new terminology and commands while you’re in the kitchen. Use peanut butter and other tasty ingredients to reward your puppy for “sitting,” “staying,” “lying down,” and “dropping it”—all commands that you can introduce while mixing yummy ingredients! 


What dog doesn’t love an afternoon at the park? We don’t know of a single furry friend that would turn down a trip to the park, which is why this activity is perfect for Memorial Day. Depending on the age and vaccination status of your puppy, you might want to go to either a dog park or a regular park that allows dogs. 

If your puppy’s vet hasn’t administered additional vaccines that would qualify your puppy to be fully protected if exposed to other dogs, then you should take your puppy to a regular park that allows dogs. This way your puppy won’t be exposed to lots of other dogs. 

Either way, be sure to pack a water bowl and water, treats, a leash, your puppy’s favorite toys such as a frisbee or tennis ball, a picnic blanket, and whatever else you think will make the afternoon at the park more enjoyable. If the park has walking or hiking trails, all the better! Just be sure to keep an eye on your puppy’s energy level. He may need you to carry him! 


Top Gun, Saving Private Ryan, and Apocalypse Now are just a few of the all-time greatest war movies that were ever produced! This Memorial Day, if you don’t want to bring your puppy to a party, then throw a private movie marathon at home! There are dozens if not hundreds of amazing patriotic movies to choose from. There’s even one called Memorial Day! How perfect!

The best part about having a movie marathon at home with your puppy is that your puppy will have everything he needs and can take as many bathroom breaks as he wants. Plus, if your puppy conks out, falling asleep during a film, he’ll have all the coziness in the world on your lap!

Those are our 5 fun things to do with your puppy this Memorial Day Weekend! If you want to spend this Memorial Day with a puppy, but don’t have one, then PuppyBuddy can help! Stop by our Boca Raton location and meet our available puppies for sale! We promise that one of them is sure to melt your heart!