Top 10 Best Names For Big Dogs

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From the beautiful Golden Retriever to the imposing Great Dane, big dogs need names that match their large sizes and outgoing personalities. You may choose a name that fits your furry friend’s ferocious appearance…or you may opt for a title that expresses their goofiness. Since many large dogs are known for their soft side, it’s only fair that they get the best name in town. Here are 10 of the best names you can pick your big and cuddly fur-baby.


1. Max

If your puppy is a big, lovable canine who takes their job seriously, consider naming him Max. Max is a shorter version of the name “Maximus,” which means “greatest” in Latin. Any puppy named Max will certainly exhibit a larger-than-life persona!


2. Clifford

Remember the beloved children’s show and book series about a giant red dog? Clifford, which means “ford by a cliff” in Old English, is a perfect fit for any large pooch with a patient personality. There’s also a chance your pup has a reddish coat, making this name an even better choice!


3. Bear

Bear is a popular name for dogs that are large and furry (like a bear!). Your pup may even have an adorable teddy bear-like face, despite their impressive stature. If you decide to pick this name, be sure to let everyone know that there isn’t a bear running loose in your home or yard when you call your pooch in the yard.


4. Duke

A royal title from British aristocracy, Duke is a name that will give your pup the sense of grace and nobility it deserves. It is also a short form of “Marmaduke,” which is the name of a famous comic strip about the adventures of a mischievous but lovable Great Dane. Whether you choose Duke or Marmaduke, your cuddly soulmate will always have a regal presence whenever they enter a room.


5. Tiny

Add a little humor and irony to your furry friends name by calling them “Tiny.” Nothing beats the looks of surprise from your loved ones when “Tiny” is revealed to be a massive dog. The name also fits well with large dogs who are couch potatoes at heart and love to pretend they’re lap dogs!


6. Ranger

Besides being softies, big dogs are also known for being alert protectors of their homes. If your affectionate pooch is always on patrol, Ranger just may be their new name. It’s short, sweet, and straight-to-the-pointjust like your furry soulmate!


7. Hunter

Like Ranger, the name Hunter can express a key trait in your puppy’s personality. Does your puppy like to chase after small animals? Are they alert and protective over their loved ones? If so, Hunter can be the right moniker for your big dog. While the name is often associated with masculinity, it can also be used for girls.


8. Thor

Due to the popular Marvel superhero, Thor has become an easily recognizable name for dogs and humans. The well-loved Marvel character is derived from the god of thunder in Norse mythology, and is often associated with an enormous, booming presence. Perfect for large furry friends with commanding auras.


9. Tank

Your four-legged buddy may be built firm and strong like a tank. No matter what you do, nothing seems to topple them over. So…why not just name him “Tank”? This name brings extra attention to your fur-baby’s size and appearance, but you only you will know how big their heart is!


10. Zeus

Another name derived from a mythological deity, Zeus is the ideal moniker for pooches who are energetic and confident. Short and sleek, the name Zeus is a name that any assertive pup would proudly wear!


Whether big or small, our cuddly canines are a wonderful part of our families. They love and care for us unconditionally, and as puppy parents, we must pick names that fit them the best. When you’ve finally decided on a name, we’re sure your puppy will never forget it! Do you have a small dog? Take a look at our blog, Top 10 Cute Names for Small Dogs for more wonderful naming options!

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