Top 10 Cute Names for Small Dogs

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Small dogs are just the best, aren’t they? They’re so cuddly, portable, and easy to exercise with. And with those cute little faces, it’s no wonder they win over so many hearts on a daily basis. Despite their tiny sizes, small breeds often have big and fearless personalities. They won’t hesitate to show you who’s boss, and always seem to know when they have you wrapped around their little paws.

Choosing the perfect name for your small dog is a must. You may want a name that fits their short stature or their personality. Whichever is the case, here are 10 cute names you can pick for your itty bitty puppy!


Nugget is a common yet wonderful name for any small dog. It can refer to a precious piece of naturally occurring gold or a chicken nugget—you decide. If your pup is the kind of cuddle buddy you can’t resist giving kisses to, then the name Nugget is surely your first name choice!


Simple and sweet, Peanut is a lovely name that plays on your pooch’s small size. Among people, it is sometimes used to refer to a small child in a loving way. The name can also refer to Charles M. Schulz’s world-famous comic strip, “Peanuts” which features various animal characters, like Snoopy. “Peanut” can be given to both male and female dogs.


Remember the perky little dog from the Wizard of Oz? Toto is a name that has long been used for small dogs. Along with being cute, it’s also simple and straightforward. Perfect for small pups with cheerful personalities!


This name is a popular feminine name for both humans and puppies. While the name is thought to be derived from the small beautiful flower, it actually comes from an Old English world, meaning “day’s eye” (ahem, the Sun). Daisies also represent purity and new beginnings. It can be a great fit for your cute and lovable pup!


Pip or Pippin is a sweet and uncommon name for a small dog. It comes from Germany and means “awe-inspiring.” For any Lord of the Rings fans, Pippin is also one of the well-beloved Hobbits from the series. The name “Pip” is often used as a term of affection or to describe someone who is highly regarded.


Coco Chanel, anyone? Thanks to the legendary designer, the name Coco has become popular for small, spunky dogs. In French, Spanish, and Italian, the term “coco” is short for “coconut.” It is also used as a friendly, joking nickname between friends in France. Elegant and simple, Coco may just be the right name for your sassy little pooch!


A name with Greek and Hebrew origins, Toby is a wonderful name for any canine companion. Many dogs named Toby are often seen as cool or collected. It’s the ideal moniker for small dogs that are energetic and loyal.


Want to know how to say “beautiful” in Italian? Bella is a popular name for females, both human and canine. In recent years, the Twilight movie franchise has helped boost the name into mainstream prominence. It’s lovely and sweet—just like your kind-natured puppy!


An English name meaning “wine’s town,” Winston is the ideal name for a handsome, dapper little pup. It is often associated with upscale or posh English society (at least for non-Europeans!). Famous individuals with the name include Winston Churchill and John Lennon. It can also be shortened to “Win” or “Winnie”, especially if you’re a Winnie-the-Pooh fan!


If your puppy is kind, gentle, and all-round cute, this name may be the best they can have! Long used as a nickname for Dorothy, Dot is a pretty yet simple title that any girly pooch would proudly wear.


Puppies are an important addition to our families. In many ways, they’re like our own children, depending on us for food, shelter, and love. That’s why it’s important to put tons of effort into picking a name that best fits them. Once you’ve decided on a name for your adorable pup, you will be saying it daily for years to come! 

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