German Shepherd: Everything You Need to Know

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Known for their incredible loyalty and courage, German Shepherds are fantastic pets for many families. They are often chosen to work as police and military dogs—and rightly so. German Shepherds are not only smart, they’re also extremely confident and fearless. Once they have a job, these hard-working dogs will give everything they’ve got to get it done.

An owner interested in keeping a German Shepherd must understand the breed first. While they have a seemingly laidback and calm nature, they are far from it. German Shepherd pups demand care and activity from their families. Owners must be able to meet their needs so that they can co-exist in harmony within a home.

If you think the German Shepherd is your dream puppy, read on to learn a few key tips about this beautiful breed. 



German Shepherds can grow into large dogs once they reach adulthood. On average, they typically stand as tall as 24 to 36 inches at the shoulder. They can also weigh anywhere between 60 to 90 pounds.



German Shepherds have a long, well-proportioned body with a strong build that gives them their agility. Their harsh, double coat is medium-length (though long-haired coats are also common) and can come in black, tan, and gray colors. They’re very handsome dogs, often sporting a serious expression that showcases their fearlessness. It’s hard not to fall for a German Shepherd’s large ears, sharp muzzle, and gentle eyes!


Exercise Level

As members of the Herding Group, German Shepherds are dogs that love having something to do—every day, if possible. They’re a very athletic breed, requiring constant exercise to be happy. Insufficient exercise and activity will only cause your German Shepherd to become anxious and develop bad habits. We recommend spending at least 30 minutes walking and playing with your Shepherd puppy on a daily basis. You can also engage your pup in agility or tracking exercises to stimulate their mind and body. 



German Shepherds are one of the most intelligent and loving breeds in the world. They can be gentle with young children and other pets (as long as they’ve been properly trained). When encountering a German Shepherd in person, you may notice they carry an aloofness with them. There’s a reason for that. Shepherds are friendly but have strong protective instincts that make them wary of strangers. Don’t be too insulted if these beautiful dogs don’t immediately warm up to you; give them time so that they get used to you. Because of their active personalities, they rarely pass up play and exercise time with their loved ones. German Shepherds typically grow attached to their families, and do not do well being left alone for long periods of time.



A German Shepherd’s harsh coat comes in the signature black and tan colors. It’s easy to groom, and only needs a weekly brushing to remove loose hairs. They shed much of their coat once of twice a year. During this period, owners will need to brush their pup’s coat consistently to prevent loose hairs from sticking onto furniture. German Shepherds should not be bathed regularly, only when needed. If your German Shepherd pup needs to be cleaned, a good swipe with a wet cloth or running bathwater over them gets rid of any dirt and grime.



When it comes to training, German Shepherds are responsive to positive methods that involve treats and praises. Along with their high intelligence, they have an inherent eagerness to please their fur-parents. Shepherds thrive best when they have a job to do. It’s important to socialize and train this breed early, as a poorly trained German Shepherd may become high-strung and anxious as an adult. Involve your puppy in your family activities and play with them so that they grow bonded to you.


Other Things to Consider

Training and exercise is super important with German Shepherds. Without either activity, these noble dogs may display overprotective and aggressive behavior towards others. This breed is not ideal for owners with allergies as they shed their coat regularly. Due to their alert and bold demeanor, German Shepherds make excellent guardians, willing to put their lives on the line to protect their loved ones. These dogs are also family-oriented, and always love spending time with them. Their ideal home is one that’s always filled with family members.  


German Shepherds can be great family pets as long as their loved ones are able to keep up with their needs. Because Shepherds are smart and trainable, you will not have much trouble teaching your pup the rules of the house. Spend time with your German Shepherd pup and we guarantee you’ll have the best furry best friend!

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