6 Best Short-Haired Dog Breeds

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When it comes to choosing a puppy, there’s one key factor you will need to think about: grooming. Sure, a dog with long, lustrous hair looks beautiful, but it’s also a ton of care. If you aren’t keen on constantly brushing your puppy’s hair, short-haired dogs are your best option.

Short-haired breeds often require less grooming and hair maintenance, which means no brushing sessions for you! And despite their hair length, they’re still just as cuddly as thick-haired dogs.

Here are 6 of the best short-haired dog breeds:


Boston Terrier

Puppy Buddy picture of a cute Boston Terrier puppy smiling up at camera.

Bright and friendly, the Boston Terrier is a wonderful family dog that’s often been dubbed as “The American Gentleman.” Boston Terriers are small dogs with a short yet glossy coat. They occasionally shed their hair but not as often as other breeds. They also do not require regular baths (unless they get dirty!). With just a weekly brushing, you can help keep your Boston Terrier’s hair beautiful and healthy.



Puppy Buddy picture of cute Dachshund puppy in a field.

The Dachshund is a spunky and charming dog, easily recognizable for a long-backed body. Their small size is just a physical trait; this breed has such a big personality! They’re very alert, which makes them exceptional watch dogs. They also love to play games and can be a little stubborn. Grooming for Dachshunds varies between coat types, but smooth-coated Dachshunds are what you’re looking for! With these pooches, you will need nothing more than a quick wipe to keep them clean.


French Bulldog

Puppy Buddy picture of a cute French bulldog sitting on the couch.

One of the world’s most popular small dogs, the French Bulldog is quiet yet affectionate with their family members. You can instantly recognize them for their beautiful “bat-like” ears, cute wrinkles, and short nose. Frenchies also have a soft short coat that does not shed a lot. They do not require much grooming, only a weekly brushing and occasional bath to help them look their best. Their wrinkles will need to be clean and dry, especially after bath time.


Miniature Pinscher

Puppy Buddy picture of a cute Miniature Pinscher puppy laying on a bed.

The Miniature Pinscher is known for their bold and outgoing personality. These pooches have dark, oval eyes, long ears, and a trotting walk that makes them completely irresistible. Their short coat is quite beautiful, often coming in red, chocolate, and black shades. It also doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and sheds very little. Their coat can be kept beautiful and sleek with just a weekly brushing and periodic baths. Make sure to spend time with your Mini Pinscher so that they grow used to grooming sessions.  




Puppy Buddy picture of a cute bloodhound standing in a field.

With their wrinkled, loose skin and warm eyes, the Bloodhound is a curious and friendly dog. They’re quite large in size, growing up to 23 to 27 inches tall and weighing around 110 pounds. Bloodhounds possess strong, firm legs for hiking but their talent goes to their powerful nose. Their short coat can come in black, tan and red colors. They also shed their fur seasonally so they will need a weekly brushing to remove loose hairs. Bloodhounds will need regular baths to prevent doggy odor. 



Puppy Buddy picture of a cute silver Weimaraner dog standing in a field.

The Weimaraner is a bold and fun-loving pooch that loves exercise and are great with young children. This breed is often referred to as Germany’s “Gray Ghost” due to their stunning silvery-gray coat. Because their coat is short, grooming is a relatively easy task, only needing a weekly brushing to remove their loose hairs. Their nails must be trimmed often since long nails can cause walking problems. These pooches also need their ears cleaned regularly.


Short-haired dogs may not have long, sleek hair but they usually have beautiful coats that anyone can admire. Remember to consider your personal preferences and lifestyle before taking a puppy home. Puppies need owners who are willing to play, feed, bathe, kiss, and cuddle with them as often as possible. With enough patience and research, any of these breeds can make a wonderful lifelong friend for you and your family!

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