5 Reasons Why Your Puppy Doesn’t Want to Walk

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Once you have a new puppy in your arms, and have their vaccines in order, you should definitely take them out for a walk! Walking is a common, easy-going exercise that exposes your furbaby to the outside world and helps you both bond together. Whether you’re going for a walk around the park or your neighborhood, you will certainly have fun with your puppy!

But what if your furry friend doesn’t want to walk? It may be cute and amusing at first to watch your pup lay down or sit whenever you bring the leash out, but it can get old fast. You may start wondering if there’s something wrong with your furry soulmate.

Here are a few reasons why your puppy’s bottom won’t leave the ground: 


1. It’s your puppy’s first time walking.

Maybe it’s the feel of a leash around their necks. Maybe it’s the overwhelming sounds, scents, and scenery outside. Whichever is the reason, your puppy may not be too excited to go out into the world, at least not just yet. 

If you are able to coax them into venturing outside, they may feel scared or distressed, especially if they’ve never been on a leash before. Check out our blog, How to Leash Train Your Puppy for our tips on introducing your pup to their leash and collar.


2. Leash and/or collar is uncomfortable.

Many puppy parents make the mistake of purchasing large yet sturdy collars and leashes for their pups. Depending on your furry friend’s breed and size, these large collars can weigh heavily around your pup’s neck, making them super uncomfy! This can discourage your furry friend from taking that step out the door. 

Your puppy may also not respond well to their leash. Think about it. You may end up pulling on your leash when your puppy tries to wander away, causing neck pain. As an alternative, you should switch to a harness or training your pup to walk close to you


3. There’s bad weather outside.

Let’s be honest—who actually likes taking walks on a rainy or cold day? Like many people, our furry companions may not enjoy taking a walk during bad weather. Young puppies may get too hot or too cold, depending on the weather. 

If the weather isn’t ideal for walking, don’t try to force your pup into going out with you. You can try playing an indoor game with them or cuddle with each other on the couch. If you must take your pup on a walk during gloomy weather, check out our Tips for Walking Your Pup in Wet Weather


4. Your puppy feels sick or pain.

You may think your puppy is being stubborn, but they may be dealing with an underlying illness or pain. Many illnesses can cause your pup to feel tired and even depressed. Some illnesses your puppy may be suffering from include parvovirus, distemper, and kennel cough.

If you’re sure your puppy isn’t sick, they may have undiagnosed pain from injuries or over-activity. Be sure to take your furry buddy to the vet and make sure they don’t have any injuries or illnesses. 


5. Your furbaby doesn’t want to leave.

One of your puppy’s favorite activities is spending time with you! If you stop by a dog park or meet a new puppy friend during their walk, your pup may want to stay. To encourage your puppy to resume walking, bring out their favorite treat and throw it in the direction you want to walk in. You can also turn your back to them and ignore their invitations for playtime.


Once you find out why your puppy doesn’t want to go on walks, you can find ways to encourage them to do so. Remember to avoid forcing your puppy to walk with you if they don’t want to. Take time to understand and train your furry friend into engaging in this activity with you. You should also check out our blog, How Often Should You Walk Your Pup? for more information on walking your cuddly pup!

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