Safety Tips For Your Puppy’s First Halloween

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Halloween, like any holiday, serves as a great way to introduce your puppy to new and exciting experiences and can strengthen your bond with them. You may be wondering how exactly to make your fur-ball’s first Halloween a positive and fun time for the both of you. Luckily, we have all the details you need know for your pup’s first Halloween.

Dressing up your pup

We’ve all seen pictures of puppies dressed in Halloween costumes before. It’s always adorable–we know. The best part about puppy costumes is that there are so many options online and in stores for most puppy breeds and sizes. You can even search up DIY tutorials to make your own Halloween outfit for your furry friend, if you’re feeling crafty.

However, while you may be excited to dress up your pup this spooky season, you should always consider your pup’s comfort and safety. Some pups love dressing up. Other puppies aren’t so crazy about it. Before you decide to buy or make that cute costume, make sure your pup actually likes dressing up. You can make the experience a positive one with treats and praise.

But if your pup still isn’t having it, you can opt for a cute bandana on their furry heads.

Beware Halloween candy

Halloween is the holiday most known for its abundance of candy. Unfortunately, this part of the spooktacular season is one your furry friend can’t indulge in.

As a general rule of thumb, you should never feed your puppy any type of candy, most especially ones containing chocolate and xylitol (sugar substitute). Puppies can’t process candy the way humans can, and if ingested, it can make your puppy very, very sick. And let’s be honest, no one wants a sick puppy on Halloween.

If you want your pup to indulge in the candy-eating part of Halloween with you, consider buying treats in a nearby pet store or making your own puppy treats from an online recipe (you can eat some of these sweets with your pup too!).

Consider walking your pup early

Depending on your schedule, you may be accustomed to walking your pup at a certain time in the late afternoon or evening. However, on Halloween, there might be several obstacles stopping you and your pup from your scheduled walks.

The streets may become filled with trick-or-treaters and loud music, which can cause your fur-ball to feel anxious. Scary costumes can frighten your puppy. Candy and wrappers thrown on the floor also poses problems if accidentally eaten. By walking your pup early, you can avoid all of these situations.

If trick-or-treating, remain alert

Maybe your pup is okay with wearing costumes, trick-or-treating, and scary costumes. If so, and you decide to take them out trick-or-treating, your job as a puppy parent should not take a back seat.

Besides trick-or-treaters and discarded candy, be sure to keep a close eye for any pranksters, who may take pleasure in teasing or frightening your fur-ball with their scary costumes. You may even encounter other non-canine animals, such as cats, which can turn ugly if neither animal takes too kindly to the other.

Be cautious with answering the door

The practice of strangers standing outside your door for candy on Halloween might seem normal for you, but for your pup, it’s too spooky to even think about. Your fur-ball may become anxious or excited for the constant visitors, and try to bark, bite or jump on them.

To protect your pup and trick-or-treaters, consider placing your pup in a quiet room away from the outside festivities. You can also invest in a baby gate to keep your pup with you while also keeping them away from the door. Also, you should make sure pup’s ID tags are up-to-date and consider microchipping your pup–better safe than sorry.

Have fun

Last but not least, have fun with your pup on Halloween! Once you’ve made sure that your furry companion is safe and happy, take time to celebrate and make the best out of your pup’s first Halloween. Give your pup their favorite treats. Pop in a horror flick and snuggle with your pup on the couch. Commemorate their first Halloween with pictures. Making your pup’s first Halloween fun for the both of you will surely make it an unforgettable experience.

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