What to Do When Your Pup Gets the Blues

Puppy Buddy

Puppies are just like usthey have a rollercoaster of emotions. However, dog emotions can be hard to pinpoint since your furry soul mates cannot use words to explain how they feel. Although, you can assess a dog’s mood by reading their body language and behavior. 

If you think a crying pup is the only sign you will encounter, think again. Here are some physical signs to look out for when your puppy is sad:

  1. A decrease in their energetic state
  2. Being mopey around things they typically enjoy
  3. Whining and whimpering
  4. A change in their sleeping habits
  5. Refusing to eat their treats
  6. Their eyes are squinty

These can also be a way to indicate a medical issue is arising on your pup. Make sure to call the vet and run them through the symptoms. On the bright side, dog sadness does not last long and there are some steps you can take when it comes to cheering up your fur-ball.

For example:

  1. Play with his favorite toy
  2. Take him/her on a walk
  3. Set up a play-date with his/her canine friend
  4. Take him on a car ride
  5. Give him a special treat you normally do not give him/her

Most importantly, create a positive atmosphere for them and have an uplifting mood. Spend positive time together, and their mood will soon shift.

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