7 Ways to Keep Your Puppy Entertained

Puppy Buddy

Keeping your fur-baby entertained inside can sometimes be a challenge. By playing with your puppy a few times a day you can keep them from developing bad behaviors and keep them happy! Here on some ways you can keep your best friend entertained inside the house!

  1. Kongs toys are a great way to keep you puppy very active and entertained. Stuff one of your puppy’s favorite treat inside the Kong and watch your puppy work to retrieve the treat.
  2. Playing tug of war is the best way to exercise your pup and have the most fun with your best friend. Tug will strength your puppy’s self-control and confidence.
  3. It is never too early to show your pup some cool tricks like rolling over or handing you a paw. Spend some time of the day to show your fur-baby some basic commands.
  4. Playing which hand with your pup is a simple way of developing their sense of smell. Place a treat in one of your hands and close your fists and hold them out in front of your puppy. Let your puppy choose which hand it is in, and give him the treat when he sniffs or paws the correct hand.
  5. Play a game of fetch or catch with your puppy. Make sure to use soft toys that will not harm anything around the house. You could reward your puppy with treats after catching the ball to encourage your puppy to keep playing.
  6. Arrange a play date for your puppy with other puppies to improve their social skills and interactions.
  7. Make a simple agility course at home for your pup to brush up on obedience and teach them some fun tricks.

It is important to keep your puppy entertained and sociable. Playing interactive activities and with dog toys is a perfect time to bond with your best friend.

No Puppy Mill Guarantee

At Puppy Buddy, we are passionate and committed dog lovers (and puppy enthusiasts!). Our #1 priority is that our puppies come from a loving and caring environment. We hold our breeders to the highest standards, making sure to connect and work with those that are the top 1% USDA Licensed and Inspected.

As equally devoted dog lovers, our breeders make every effort to provide all puppies and their parents with utmost love, respect, and attention. Along with standard vet care, all puppies and parents receive plenty of exercise, nourishment, companionship, affection, and socialization. We have a zero tolerance policy for puppy mills. We want all of our puppies to be healthy and happy so that they can find the perfect homes and families.