10 Best Dog Breeds for Travel

Puppy Buddy

If you’re the type that loves to travel the world, having a furry friend with you can help make your journey more enjoyable! Certain breeds fit the traveling character and will love spending their time exploring their new surroundings with you. Of course, you may be prone to pick a small dog breed since they take up less space. However, there are a couple of perfect large dog breeds that make excellent travel buddies. Whether it’s a Poodle, a Corgi, or even a German Shepherd, a good travel buddy will certainly guarantee a fun, memorable trip!

Here are the 10 best dog breeds for traveling. 


1. Poodle

A cute Toy Poodle sitting on a bed during travel.

Due to their energetic, inquisitive nature, most Poodles live for indulging in fun adventures. Their pampered, fluffy appearance gives them a stylish vibe so you’ll be sure to capture a few eyes no matter where you are. Now, Poodles come in three distinct sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. Each of these size variations has its unique features that match certain traveling destinations and activities. For example, the Standard Poodle is the most athletic of the three sizes so if you’re at an outdoorsy location, this breed is your perfect travel buddy. 

The Toy Poodle can reach no more than 10 inches tall, which means they can fit in your carrier or large purse. The Miniature Poodle loves doing any activity with its owners so make sure to fit your Poodle into your daily treks. In general, Poodles are well suited for resort vacations, pet-friendly locations, and quiet treks in the countryside. 


2. German Shepherd

A cute German Shepherd dog looking at the camera with flowers in the background.

Originally bred as herding dogs in Germany, German Shepherds are dogs with a knack for action, affection, and most of all, fierce loyalty. You’ve more than likely seen German Shepherds working as police dogs, service animals, or even as TV/Film actors. There’s a reason for that.

When trained properly, German Shepherds can be complete sweethearts and are highly obedient. These canines form strong bonds with their owners and love exploring. They make exceptional travel companions, but it’s important to make an effort to train them. Otherwise, they can be unruly around strangers or unfamiliar surroundings. German Shepherds will join you on any adventure in any place in the world. Just make sure your Shepherd can run or engage in activity throughout your trip. 


3. Golden Retriever

A happy Golden Retriever dog sitting on a street pavement surrounded by chairs during travel.

With their goofy smiles and soft, golden coat, The Golden Retriever has stolen the hearts of many dog owners. Goldies are quite special because they’re rarely ever aggressive. They possess a calm, collected, playful, and affectionate personality that allows them to befriend anyone who approaches them. 

If you’re traveling, these are traits that make them great travel buddies. They’re also very laidback. It doesn’t matter where you take them. Golden Retrievers have the most fun on trips that involve a swimming pool, beach, or hiking. This breed eats a lot and sheds very often, so bring a brush and a bag load of doggy treats!


4. Dalmatian

Dalmatian dog standing on sand in a beach during their travel.

The Dalmatian earned worldwide fame through the Disney film, “101 Dalmatians” and its sequels. From their black spots to their floppy ears, there’s just something so unique and beautiful about these dogs. The origin of the Dalmatian breed is a mystery, though it’s believed that they originated as hunting dogs in the ancient region of Dalmatia. After their introduction in England, Dalmatians traveled alongside horse-drawn carriages and coaches—an activity they continue today as firehouse dogs. 

Dalmatians are the ideal dog for long road trips and travel destinations. They’re very outgoing, so the sights and sounds of the world around them are enough to keep them happy on a trip. Dalmatians are also incredibly athletic and need to be engaged in constant activity, especially running, jumping, and hiking.


5. Pomeranian

A cute Pomeranian dog held in a doggy purse by a woman wearing leopard shirt.

Small yet vivacious, the Pomeranian is a sturdy little canine that makes a fantastic travel companion. They don’t grow very tall, usually only reaching 6 to 7 inches in height. Their small size is often seen as a huge plus for anyone traveling through flight. However, that’s not the only trait that makes the Pom your ideal furry friend. Pomeranians are easy to train and sociable so you won’t have to worry about potential dog bites or escapes. While they’re a good size for lapdogs, Poms are far from lazy. They enjoy being active and exploring as long as you’re with them!

Pomeranians are best suited for walks in a botanical garden or city areas. Be sure to keep an eye out for your Pomeranian during travel. Like most small dogs, Poms are unaware of their tiny size and may try to test a larger dog’s patience. It can also be mistaken for a squirrel or other small animals by predators in the area.


6. Labrador Retriever

A cute Labrador Retriever dog lying in grass for travel.

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. The breed is known for its laidback, good-natured temperament, which allows it to make quick friends. Their easygoing personality also makes them well-mannered car passengers. Labs are very outgoing so they’re more than happy to join you in hikes, runs, or walks in any travel location. They’re also good with relaxing at a poolside resort or a hotel. 

To get the best of the Labrador breed, you’ll need to train them early on. Labs are very smart so you likely won’t face any issues with training. The only setbacks you may face while on the road with your Labrador are that they need lots of food and are too big to fit into small carriers. For more information, read our guide, Labrador Retriever: Everything You Need to Know to learn more about these beautiful dogs. 


7. Maltese

A Maltese dog with a cute red bow sitting in front of a white brick wall.

The Maltese are elegant, charming, and stylish in looks. Their silky, white coat and large dark eyes give them an air of royalty and prestige. This classic lapdog is surprisingly gentle, even around strangers (though they may bark up a storm). The Maltese only grows up to 9 inches in height, making them great for air travel. Because of their gentle personality, they’re not likely to bite or sass any strangers walking by. 

Although Maltese dogs do not need much exercise, they like making new friends and seeing new places. They can easily fit into a doggy handbag or carrier as you make your way through your destination. Make sure to train your Maltese before taking them to travel. As with other small breeds, Maltese tend to be stubborn but as long as you put your foot down, your little doggy will learn the rules. 


8. French Bulldog

A French Bulldog puppy standing and looking at the camera.

French Bulldogs are commonly found in big cities, where they offer their owners some company. French Bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, are pretty small, growing no more than 13 inches tall. This makes it easy for them to fit inside small carriers or dog purses. Frenchies also have short legs and a sturdy body structure, which allows them to be ideal for any type of travel. They do not need much exercise and don’t bark very often. When properly trained, your Frenchie will be polite and obedient, regardless of location and strangers. 

Frenchies also have a flexible personality, so they can easily adapt to any new environment or situation. Note that this breed is brachycephalic, which means they have a short face and snout. You need to make sure your flight accepts your French Bulldog as the high altitude can make it hard for your dog to breathe for air travel. The best places to take your Frenchie include dog-friendly restaurants, gardens, and parks. 


9. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy posing on a grassy field.

There’s no other dog quite as spunky as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Corgis are small, growing up to 12 inches tall but they are packed with a lively, companionable temperament. These little dogs love to herd, a trait they inherited from their herding dog ancestors in Wales. This gives them the energy to have fun travel moments with you. Corgis are highly loyal, and despite their size, will be protective over you throughout the trip. Their large ears, big brown eyes, and fluffy butts will instantly catch the attention of anyone you meet in your travels.

Corgis love being active and always want to be part of the action. They have very strong legs and a powerful body structure that equips them for a day of adventure. Corgis can be friendly but they do not do well around children. Avoid travel to places with many young children present, especially amusement parks. 


10. Beagle

A Beagle puppy posing for the camera while standing in grass.

Beagles are floppy-eared dogs with a talent for sniffing. They were originally bred for hunting in England, but have evolved to become lovable furry friends for humans. Beagles are very adaptable, which means they can easily adapt to new environments and surroundings. Don’t expect your Beagle to become nervous or wary of strangers (as long as they’re socialized and trained). Beagles are naturally friendly with humans and even other dogs. You may make a few friends while vacationing with your Beagle!

Because of their hunting ancestry, Beagles are unstoppable when they catch a scent. Make sure to keep your Beagle on a leash at all times. If your Beagle does not let up, be ready to leave the scene before they begin howling. Training and socialization can come in handy in these situations but most of their behavior is just natural doggy instinct!


Taking any dog on a trip can be very stressful, even if they make perfect furry friends to have on the road. Before embarking on a journey with your fur-baby, you need to ensure that each flight accepts your dog as well as other restrictions. You’ll also need to keep your dog’s vaccination and medical records with you at all times. Pack your dog’s essentials, including food, water, toys, grooming tools, blankets, and more. Whether you choose the dogs on this list or another breed, it’s important to consider their traits, personalities, and needs before you make plans. Check out our guide, How to Travel With Your Pet to learn useful tips about going on trips with your fur-baby.